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Oct 12, 2009 01:18 PM

Asheville restaurant for Girls' Night Out/60th Birthday Party?

Six to eight of us will be spending a weekend near Asheville in mid-November. We will spend Saturday afternoon at Biltmore and then need a special place for dinner as we are celebrating a 60th birthday. I would like to keep the cost somewhat reasonable. Admiral sounds great, if it isn't too noisy. Fig also looked good. The Bistro at Biltmore Estates looked ok too. We are a fun-loving group and we love our wine. Thanks.

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  1. You might want to consider Zambra. I think tapas would be a good way for everyone to try several dishes and they have a great wine list.

    1. I agree with bbqdawg. Zambra is where I would go for sure!

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        Another vote for Zambra! Awesome wine list, fun ambiance (can be a bit loud if that is a major concern - get reservations and ask for a table in the back alcove in case they have live music). Admiral is great but funky and very small....8 would definitely be a reservation situation and you'd have to sit in the very middle of the small space. Fig is delish but elegant and understated (but not stuffy). Fig is pricier than the rest. Zambra tab can run high if you order too many tapas, although their prices have gone down a bit.

      2. Another vote for Zambra. The Admiral is fantastic, but given the size of your party and your love of wine, Zambra sounds like a perfect fit!