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Best Cheesesteak in Philly

I will be visiting Philly next weekend and want to test out the infamous Philly Cheesesteak. Have heard about Ginos and the place across from it. Would like your recommendations on the best Philly Cheesesteak in the city!

Thank you!

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  1. Everybody's got their own favorite spot, mine is Cosmi's at 8th and Dickinson, which is about a five minute walk away from Pat's and Geno's. You need to get it on a 1/2 seeded roll with fried onions to really experience it's true deliciousness.

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      I was headed there for a cheesesteak but I saw the grill guy was chopping the hell out of the meat and it was started to look very beat up; he was doing moves like chopping, then using the spatula to really press the bits into the grill. made no sense.

      and besides, I heard their hoagies rocked so instead, I got the chicken cutlet soprano, which is chicken cutlet on their seeded hero, with provolone and rabe. very simple ingredients, just those 3 but wow, really really amazing. the rabe was freshly poached on the stove, chicken cutlets thin and simply perfect and it was a sublime sandwich.

    2. Den is right! Search cheesesteak and you will find a ton of opinions! Or skip it and go to Tony Luke's or John's Roast Pork. Definitely do not go to geno's!

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        As others have implied, this topic has been discussed to death. There are not many really BAD cheesesteaks in Philly (but Genos and Pat's would both be in a list of them.) If you are right down town with no car to get to a place like John's Roast Pork, try Sonny's or Campo's right nearby.


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          i had some time to kill so I walked down to John's. It was a very humble sandwich but all and all, very very good. almost like a gourmet version of the ridiculous ones: fresh cooked onions, ribeye, with provy and spinach. it was great.

      2. Posted this earlier, not sure why it didn't show. I grew up in Philly, haven't lived there for years, but I think an out of towner would enjoy walking on South Street and having a cheesesteak at Jim's. Not the best certainly, but classic atmosphere and not out of the way like Tony Luke's.
        I think the only times I went to Geno's or Pat's was late night after the bars closed.

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          What is the deal with the line at Jim's? It's unbelievable. Is it good or just convenient?

          With car, can't go wrong with Tony Luke's, but def not a place to hit without a car + out of the way for sure. To me they're all too similar anyway. Go Bahn-Mi + add a little spice to your sandwich!

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            I think it's good, but not good enough to warrant a big line. It is convenient. The line can be long, but it moves fast. Be careful, all of that onion smoke coming out of the vent on the side of the building permeates your clothing. Last time I went, my brother made me take off my jacket and leave it in his garage until we could wash it!

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              I don't know of this still is in effect, but I used to go across the street to Lickety Split, order a drink and have a runner bring me back my Jim's (they had an arrangement) in five minutes regardless of the line.

              Lickety Split
              401 South St, Philadelphia, PA 19147

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              Not a fan of Jim's...it must be that image of them pouring all the oil on the grill to cook the meat. I never decide between Geno's or Pat's.......I just get both.

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                I think that is just water they pour on to help the meat get started until the fat renders out.

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                  Barry is right, it is water, not oil.

                  Jim's is my favorite "tourist" cheesesteak. And, IMO, it's worth waiting in line for.

                  Personally I would avoid Tony Fluke's at all costs.

            3. George's on the west side of 9th street in the italian market

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                It's aight! Phiily Speak! Get Some!

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                  I opted for something off the beaten path when I went so I went and got a philly cheesesteak from George's Sandwich Shop. Good stuff! Will go again!

                  George's Sandwich Shop
                  900 S 9th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147

                2. if you don't have a car try Sonny's and get onion rings. Seriously folks, I don't think I can go to another place since having their's. The meat is all caramelized. The sandwiches ARE slightly smaller, but I'm a girl, so that's fine by me.

                  1. I'm a Pats fan - maybe it's part nostalgia, but they just can't be beat IMO. If you want to try something a little different, my boyfriend swears by Pagano's on Ogontz Avenue (just up from Washington Lane) in Mt. Airy/West Oak Lane. They're massive and the meat to everything else ratio is a little high for me, but they are good and one can easily feed two people.

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                      Pagano's rocks ... a huge sammy for the price.

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                        is that the place on girard/west girard? or do they have multiple locations? it looked so rundown but the best places are!

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                          No, the place on Girard is Paesano's I believe

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                              i think paesano's and pagano's are about 10 blocks apart? I tried to go to paesano's but they were closed by the time I got there (around 5pm) but I vaguely remember seeing a standalone shack that was pagano's; it would have been Girard then, and not West Girard. Wish I could have tried both!

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                                Pagano's is on Ogontz Ave. not Girard.

                        1. i like steve's prince of steaks in the northeast, at the original location only....

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                              One of my favourite parts of visiting Philly. Mmmm... Look at all that nice meat! http://www.flickr.com/photos/20267856...