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Oct 12, 2009 12:36 PM

Good chicken enchilada recipe

we had a new second freezer delivered over the weekend. Already stocked it with soups/stews so I'm moving on to entrees. I'm looking for a good chicken enchilada recipe that tastes great after freezing. Husband doesn't care for mole sauce but red sauce, green sauce, or sour cream varieties all work. I'm open to making my own sauce or using store-bought - please recommend your favorite brand if you have one. Also, while it need not be totally authentic, it should be really good. I do lots of other freezer-friendly foods but haven't really done enchiladas before. I think they should work easily enough; any freezing tips are much appreciated.

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  1. This recipe from ATK makes fabulous enchiladas verdes. They freeze pretty well, too:

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      A hearty second on the ATK recipe w/ tomatillos and poblano chilies. It is a winner!