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Oct 12, 2009 12:22 PM

Where in Vancouver BC is there a spice store please?

I'm in Vancouver BC and happy Thanksgiving to all Canadians :)

Can you tell me if I can buy Grains of Paradise anywhere here since I am here now, thank you:)

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  1. I have purchased grains of paradise at one of the stalls of the Granville farmers' market. I don't recall its location in the market, but it was at a spice stall. They also had a decent selection of dried mushrooms.

    You could also ask a younger friend or relative for help with ordering it online.

    You will also get better replies if you post in the relevant forum for this topic, which is:

    This is the forum about food in western Canada, rather than the forum not about food, which grains of paradise probably are.

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    1. The only Canadian online spice store I know of stocks them:

      I have never ordered from them so I can't say anything else.

      The spice house has them too

    2. I called the Spice shop in Philly and they do have it. Next time I'm there, that's where I'll buy it, long as it is no where near the peanut butter machine that is...........

      thanks for helping

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. there is a gourmet kitchen store at 1340 East Hastings right by Canadian Tire just east of Clark they have great spices...and may have the grains as well...

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            that would be gourmet warehouse

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              I went there, they didn't have it but were very nice men for sure.

            2. well I took advice and went to GI. there are 3 or 4 store fronts that could have had it. one did, I bought it, it's a very small package, very small, cost $6.95, and then I found it at one of the other stores for $3.00 but I stuck with the one I'd bought, just know better for next time.