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Oct 12, 2009 12:14 PM

Far West Village

I'm about to move to the far west village. Roughly Washington and Jane. I'm really psyched about the move. It will be a huge culinary step up from my current neighborhood. I'm familiar with some of the better known restaurants in the area but I would love some recommendations. High end to low, prix fixe to pizza, it doesn't matter. To narrow the choices, I want to roughly focus on that particular area of the west village or even overlooked places in meatpacking (if they actually exist).


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  1. Wallse (high end Austrian cuisine) is an excellent restaurant in your new neighborhood.

    1. < I'm familiar with some of the better known restaurants in the area >

      Can you tell us which ones so we don't repeat what you already know?

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        Of course. Off the top I've my head I've been to Fattty Crab, Perry Street, and The Spotted Pig. I liked all three of them. Been to Spotted Pig numerous times. I have not been to Wallse yet but I've always wanted to go. I went to Barbuto recently for lunch and I thought it was just OK.

      2. Malatesta is a rather good mid-priced Italian restaurant just down the block from you, though I think it gets mentioned enough by the same people that it's not quite a hidden gem. Hudson Falafel makes some rather good kibbeh if you're looking for Middle Eastern fast food. Zampa is a Meatpacking wine bar that gets little attention, though they have a good selection for a fair price. I've heard good things about Kingswood Tavern, but then I've also heard good things about Tequila Flats, so I can't necessarily vouch for the quality of that recommendation.

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          Malatesta and Zampa both seem like really good spots. I will definitely be making a stop at Hudson Falafel. I've been to Kingswood for drinks and it was quite a scene. I need to check out the food sometime. Thanks!