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Oct 12, 2009 11:32 AM

Delancy Pizza (Ballard)

Does anybody have any experience eating at Dalancy Pizza in Ballard

I have heard/read lots of great things, but have yet to talk or hear from anybody who has actually eaten there.

I saw these posts and recommendations...

...but I would love some more info.


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  1. Delancey is delicious, but I've found myself at Flying Squirrel a lot more often.

    Don't be misled by the name, Delancey is more of a Neapolitan-style pie like Via Tribunali than a New York style pie. It's better than Via Trib, but like so many crowded and well-hyped local foodwalas (here's looking at you, Skillet!) I am not convinced the wait is worth it when the line is out the door.

    I'll probably go back when I can put together a group of 6 people & get a reservation.

    1. We went on Friday and had a good meal. Pizzas are 10-18 bucks per za. The $10 gets you cheese and the $18 you get into foraged mushroom land. The basic cheese was excellent as was the pepperoni (high quality). The red sauce has a garlicky zing and the slightly-blackened crust has a great chewiness to it. I was not as big of a fan of the Chanterelle pizza as it had a white sauce that was good but nearly as good as the red sauce. My wife liked it, though.

      The salted chocolate chip cookie was quite good.

      We over ordered on our meal. You could do 2 pizzas for 3 people or one for each and take some home with you. Didn't try the apps.

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      1. re: BallardFoodie

        Thanks for the info. I will hopefully get a chance to try this soon.

        1. re: Mike CP

          I had a bad go of it at Delancey. Here are my comments from an email to a couple of friends sent just after the meal:

          Burnt rim, dry dough, limited cheese (see photo). Neither Naples nor NY, wants to be Frannys of BK but not nearly as good.

          And the desert plum pie was served cold.

          To be fair, I am a Squirrel partisan, but I do think even on its best day Via Trib would prevail over Delancey.

          1. re: equinoise

            Sad sad sad. I like the blog, I liked the book, I was looking forward to the restaurant. But while the rim doesn't look burnt by my standards, thats definitely a sad sad amount of cheese.

            As for dessert, when you say "cold" do you mean "sitting on the counter, room tempature cold" or do you mean "straight from the ice box cold"? I don't typically like hot pie type desserts but icebox cold things lack flavor to me.

            Now heres the big question: will you give them a second shot?

            I get the impression that you would not drive over to Delancy when craving a pizza [and why would one when you can walk to Squirrel and walk home....] but if you were already over there and hungry, would you go to Delancy and give them a second shot or is the romance over and you would go someplace else?

            and of course, if you would go someplace else, where would you go?

            1. re: jenn

              We tried to go last night. We got there at 6:35pm and was told it was a 2 hour wait. I guess the moral is get there early early.

              1. re: gt1485a

                When we arrived, they told us it would be 2 hours, also, but we were seated in 25 minutes. They're doing fine in the "under-promise and over-deliver" intention, but I'm hoping practice brings better estimation.

                1. re: mrnelso

                  I had the pleasure of eating at Delancy last night. As expected, there was a little bit of a wait, so we left our phone number with the hostess and headed to Tarasco for a few drinks. They gave us a call when our table was ready (I love it when restaurants do this)

                  Their Burrata was really good, VERY soft and covered in Olive Oil (they didn't cut a corner here, the olive oil was very good).

                  We had 3 different pizza's: Roasted Padron Chili (a little spicy, but in a good way, the pepper went well with the tomato they use)

                  The Fennel Pork Sausage (which they make in-house, just the right amount of fennel too)

                  The Porcini Mushroom Pizza was loaded with mushrooms and had a great truffle oil drizzled on top.

                  The Pie itself was fantastic. Just the right amount of char on the top outer ring, and when you picked up a slice, it actually stayed horizontal (that is big for me)

                  Overall, a great night, the waitress we had could have been a little more eager to help, considering that they just opened and everyone is going to that place right now.

                  Right now, Serious Pie has the crown in this city, but Delancy could take them once they get everything going as they continue to fine-tune their operation.


                  1. re: plutch

                    Serious Pie vs. Delancy? Apples and oranges. Totally different styles of and approaches to "pizza." Whether one prefers apples or oranges isn't an unfair question, but it's a different question than comparing two versions of the same thing.

              2. re: jenn

                The dessert was somewhere between room temperature cold and icebox cold, like they had taken it out 1/2 hour before serving. It seemed odd to us, given their emphasis on oven-fresh pies, that the dessert would be served cool.

                I would not go back of my own personal volition, but if I was in Ballard and with a crew that was down, I'd try it again. Instead, I'd elect to try Veraci, since I had a slice of take-out pie there that was better than Delancey's.

                1. re: equinoise

                  We're happy to live near to both of these, and have had good pizza at each place. The pies are neck-and-neck, with winner depending on the stars, or the winds across the chimneys, or maybe seasonal choices. Hard to tell, and not especially ineresting. For atmosphere, Delancy, for not-so-much waiting around, Verace. We're glad to have these two good choices.

        2. Was in Seattle this weekend from L.A. Delancey is the the pizza which was in grad school compared to theothers we tried that seem content with their Bachelor's Degrees. Just better food with a seemingly greater understanding and appreciation of the cuisine in question, though not quite as polished perhaps. Far greater aptitude which can't be taught and in time shall be apparent to those looking to expand. Let me put it this way, Flying Squirrel and Serious Pie are both perfectly good examples of the food type, pizza. However, neither has any chance of going into the great Bianco, and probably has not desire to. What's happening at Delancey's has enough of the gift to take the shot. They may not make it to pizza nirvana, but this resto is one of probably about only five in the entire country with the tools to get there. Just incredible when you are ready to go there and get it.

          Serious Pie
          316 Virginia St, Seattle, WA 98101