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Oct 12, 2009 11:25 AM

Looking for Apple/Confectioner's Sugar Recipe

I was just listening to the Joan Hamburg show on WOR radio in New York, and heard a brief spot where "Food Talk" host Mike Colameco shared a recipe for what I think he called an instant crustless apple pie. I was driving and it went by so quickly that I missed it. I know that two of the ingredients it called for, were 10X confectioner's sugar, and sliced apples. I think that he said something about caramelizing the confectioner's sugar in a microwave, and mixing it with the apples. Unfortunately that's all the info. that I caught.

Is anyone familiar with this recipe? Doesn't sound like any crustless apple pie recipe I've heard before, but it does sound interesting.

Thanks so much!

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  1. Is it the Elegant Farmer’s Quick Microwave Apple Sauce? That recipe was on Joan's show this week recently and is on the station's website:

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      No, it wasn't applesauce. Maybe I can put my question differently. Does anyone know of a recipe for caramelized apples that calls for confectioner's sugar rather than granulated, and is prepared in a microwave?


      Here's a link to Joan's shows on WOR, if you've got a couple hours to kill to listen.