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Oct 12, 2009 11:22 AM

Where can I buy good quality seafood in the UES?


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  1. The best place I know of is Dorian's. They are over on York Avenue, but deliver, and I trust them completely in terms of receiving excellent seafood that I've not picked myself.

    My next choice would be Citarella, on Third Ave. & 75th St. Eli's, a bit further north on Third, also has beautiful seafood, but it is very, very expensive.

    Are you looking for anything in particular?

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    1. re: MMRuth

      I'm another fan of Dorian. She has scrumptious crab cakes (for a price of course -:)

    2. Definitely Citarella. Great selection, super fresh and good prices.

      1. Agatha & Valentina
        79th & First

        Great seafood

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        1. re: pbjluver

          Agata & Valentina does have a terrific seafood department.

        2. Is Dorian's more expensive than Citarella's?

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          1. re: sciencesdg

            Yes, I think it is. And it's even better. I don't use them all the time though.