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Oct 12, 2009 10:45 AM

Good eats around Vallejo

So I go to school on Mare Island, Vallejo and can't find any good places to eat around the area. Any suggestions?

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  1. How close does it need to be? What have you tried?

    Dillion bread has great sandwiches at good prices and, as indicated, on house-baked bread

    Gumbah's has Chicago style sandwiches and food

    I think Napoli Pizza is good. Gracie's is ok BBQ. I haven't tried King Albert's BBQ which would be closer to Mare Island.

    Though it is a chain, if worse comes to worse, Nation's isn't bad for a burger though that might start to be out of the range you want to travel at the corner of Tennesee and Sonoma

    1. Bud's Burger...good (not great) burgers, great fries, greasy spoon.

      Bud's Giant Burgers
      3849 Sonoma Blvd, Vallejo, CA 94589

      1. The bad news is that there is a real lack of good restaurants in Vallejo. Cha-am is ok for Thai food and Kaigan sushi is ok for sushi and the taco truck infront of the furniture store on 29 is pretty good. The good news is that it’s a relatively short drive to Albany/Berkeley and also to downtown Napa where your options for good restaurants increase exponentially.

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          It's about the same distance to City of Napa, example Mare Island to Ubuntu about 14 miles and no bridge toll

          1. re: Ridge

            Gee Ididn't even mention Bud's because I'm not sure how far the OP wants to travel. There are other good restaurants in Vallejo. They are mom and pop types of joints rather than upscale. However, if the OP clarifies what they are looking for, if it is upscale food then as Wolfe suggested Napa or Sonoma would be better choices and avoid the $4 bridge toll.

            1. re: rworange

              I'm very open to anything around the area and don't mind traveling a bit. I'm actually from San Fran and currently live in Richmond city so I've been spoiled by good food in Berkeley/SF. I just want to explore the area for any good food within 30 mins of school. And I love all types of food.

              1. re: Degenerazn

                A good cheap place is Chicken Express (not the chain). It looks like a dump but has surprisingly good mexican food.

                1. re: Piperdown

                  Well, Mexican food in a limited way ... tacos, burritos, beans, rice and ... chicken

                  Their chicken tacos are good because they use real chicken. But they are Taco Bell type of hard shell tacos with shredded iceberg, shredded american cheese, chopped tomatoes and packets of hot sauce. That being said, I like them.

                  The rotisarrie chicken is good, but on the oily side

                  Never ... never choose the garlic bread ... soft, with something yellow on it ... no garlic detected. Choose the tortillas.

                  1. re: rworange

                    Yeah, It's definitely a place were there are limited things you should order. I think maybe one of the reasons I liked it so much was that I was not expecting anything good based on the outside of the joint, but it was still more promising than the Long John Silvers down the street.

          2. parry's pizza is good. Their slices are large. I had their strombolli and it was pretty good, although greasy. Just dont mind the grumpy, fat guy who mans the cash register (he's the owner).

            1. There's a good taco truck (Tacos Guadalajara) on Sonoma and Ohio that is still one of the best. The taco truck in the furniture store (Tacos Dos Hermanos) has a second edition that is closer to Tennessee in a gas station just north of where Hwy 29 and Tennessee intersect.

              Across from the Safeway in American Canyon on American Canyon Rd, there are three places that are fairly decent (Allspice (Indian), Mi Zacatecas (Mexican) and Asian Wok & Grill Grill (Chinese/Malay/Thai)). Parry's, which was mentioned before, is within sight but across on the other side of 29 on Am Cyn Rd.

              If you're in the mood for a dessert treat, you can't beat the paletas at La Michoacana on Broadway and Byron (just north of where Tennessee intersects Broadway)...or you can sample the señorita bread at Starbread next to the CVS on Highway 29 (it's across the street from the Goldilocks/Bud's Burger complex).