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Oct 12, 2009 10:37 AM

suggestion for very nice-- but comfortable restaurant near embassy row -- for group of 12

italian, french bistro-?-- something low key but memorable?

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  1. Eola, on P and 20th. But reserve now -- good chance it's about to be blurbed in the Post.

    1. Bistrot Du Coin on Connecticut.

      1. where are exactly are you going to be? many hotels claim to be on embassy row when they are not (the real embassy row has almost no hotels other than the hilton and the fairfax) and there are essentially no restaurants at all. The closest restaurant strip is P Street, with Obelisk etc (not suitable for 12)

        1. bistro du coin is, in my experience, loud and mediocre; on Connecticut I'd suggest Mourayuo (very credible Greek with nice Greek unusual wine list). For French Bistro I prefer Bistro d'Oc on 9th or 10th (can never remember).