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Oct 12, 2009 09:59 AM

Pumpkin Pie problem

My mom asked me to find a solution to her problem so I came to the experts. When she makes pumpkin pie it comes out of the oven perfectly but after it cools and goes in the fridge, the filling pulls away from the crust.. Any ideas on how not to have that big gap around the outer edge of the pie?

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  1. The pumpkin pie recipe I made didn't do that, but I have seen it happen. Can't give you any advice on it, but why not suggest that she buy a whipped cream canister and put a pretty ring of rosettes around the edge, covering the gap?

    1. Sounds like her oven temperature might be a bit too hot and she's slightly overcooking her pie.

      1. as middydd said, she may be over baking it, so tell her to either lower the oven temp a bit or take it out a few minutes earlier than she usually does.

        the other possibility is that she's refrigerating it before it has cooled completely - the drastic temperature change can cause the filling to seize up/shrink, so she needs to allow it to cool gently at room temperature before putting it in the fridge.

        hope that helps!

        1. Thanks everyone--I suspect that she is overcooking it as you have mentioned. Will tell her to lower the oven temp/ take it out a few minutes earlier.

          1. Probably also skip the fridge-- it can safely sit on the counter a day or two.