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Oct 12, 2009 09:55 AM

Rare 120 @ Hard Rock Hotel

Has anyone eaten at this steakhouse at the Hard Rock lately? I couldn't find any reviews. The steakhouse that used to be there was decent, not amazing, but had very good service.

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  1. Bumping this up.....would love to hear any reviews :)

    1. Tried Rare 120 last Saturday, and I've been to A.J.'s which it used to be. The decor is considerably different. AJ's used to have an old school, rat pack vibe which I really appreciated. The current incarnation is very modern in decor, and looks more like an ultra lounge or club. On one wall they show a movie on a loop - they were showing Top Gun the night I was there.

      I ate at the bar, and the service was about the same as it was when it was AJ's - pretty good. I found most of the women working there attractive, which is a good thing. I had the the soup trio as an appetizer, the new york strip (medium), and mashed potato trio.

      The soup was squash and cauliflower with a skewer of little grilled cheese sandwiches. The soups were nice, as were the grilled cheese, but nothing remarkable. The new york strip wasn't great. I found it a bit tough and chewy which it shouldn't be for $42. I ate at Craftsteak last month and the steak there was much, much better. The mashed potato trio was lobster, truffle, and rosemary-parmesan. This was pretty good - the lobster had little bits of lobster in it which was pretty good. Unfortunately, I again compared this to Craftsteak and their yukon gold puree which was just excellent.

      Conclusion? I miss AJ's - the steaks aren't better and I liked the old vibe. Service is fine. I stay at the Hard Rock most often when I'm in Vegas, and will give this steakhouse a pass. For the money, there are better places.

      Rare 120°
      4455 Paradise Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89169

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        Following up as well. Totally agree with escog. I sat down somewhat late night on a Sunday night after a concert and a little gambling. Service was ok, nothing special. I had the wedge, which was pretty good. Hard to screw up a wedge. I had the filet, it was decent, but couldn't compare with the old AJs or with any of the top rated or even medium tier steakhouses. For example, Boa steakhouse kills this place, as does the Palms, Ruth's Chris, etc. I won't even try to compare it to Cut, Craftsteak, or N9NE. Its just not fair. The side of sauteed mushrooms was really tasty, I ordered it special as they only had a mushroom side as a richer dish with cream or something. Overall, I wouldn't go back, unless it was late night and I wanted a more down low vibe. We also eat a lot at Lucky's, so its an option for something different after one too many Lucky's meals. Man, we had some great times at AJs back in the day.