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Oct 12, 2009 09:20 AM

Wilmington, DE - Reporting back

We did get to Union City Grille on Sunday evening, and it served the purpose well.

It's definitely not a "destination" restaurant. It's small, rather plain, and attached to it's bar - kind of like a gastro-pub. A very good neighborhood restaurant.

Our drinks were delicious - large and perfectly made.

The food was good. Two of us had the Restaurant Week menu and enjoyed it. I had the 5oz filet, which was just fine - cooked just the way I ordered it (very rare) and with taste, which filet doesn't always have. The sides were all fresh and good - nothing fancy, kind of like good diner cooking.
It was comfortable, quiet (less than half filled), and with good service.

Since we were meeting people coming from another direction, the location turned out to be just right. And prices were moderate. We weren't looking for anything expensive for this dinner.

So thanks for all your input, Chowhounds. This Board is a pleasure; lots of feedback. I always feel like I'm having a conversation when I'm here - or on the Pennsy Board.

Sylvia in Philly

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  1. hmmmm...good diner cooking. That pretty much describes just about every one of the "best" restaurants in this state.

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    1. re: yankee_fan_0

      Now that just isn't true. Wilmington isn't New York or Philly, but the restaurants are much better than diners and some are near big city quality.

      Yankees? feh.

      1. re: gfweb1

        Wilmington is no closer to being near big-city restaurant quality than the Rockies are close to winning the series with the Phillies. (Go Phillies!)

        Granted it's hard to face the truth sometimes, but having dined in Philly and in Wilmington innumerable times, it amazes me how I can try a new place in Philly and chances are it will be head-and-shoulders better than what you get in Delaware. As an example, a few weeks ago we had street food at the Midtown Village Festival from Bindi and Lolita, and despite being served from warming trays on the street, it was much better than anything I would get from the finest Inidan or Mexican restaurants in Delaware.

        Frankly, I'm not surprised by Sylvia's experience. Having had a number of transcendant meals in Philadelphia makes me wish that Delawareans would be more vocal in making the local esablishments raise their standards.

        1. re: bluehensfan

          Ethnic restaurants are a particular DE weakness. Esp Mexican.

          Krazy Kat, Moro, Deep Blue, and Nonna are the only DE places that are OK in my book. Hotel duPont is fine if you are in the mood. The rest? Feh.

    2. Well, in all cases it is what it is. Wilmington is not Philly (why would it be?) and Philly is not New York City. So what's new?