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Oct 12, 2009 09:13 AM

Outdoor stir fry?


I have inadequate ventilation in my kitchen and stir-fry just doesn't work well there. Any comments on these outdoor options would be appreciated.

1. Outdoor propane burner with wok ring. Amazon sells a few of these and they seem ideal. However, I live in the city and have an extremely small yard with a deck which is about 8x10. I am concerned about the safety of operating one of these on the deck and a few fee away from my house. I won't be deep frying, which I have heard is often the cause of problems with these units.

2. Breville electric wok. I am a little skeptical about the non-stick surface on this electric wok, and it's ability to heat up properly with 110 volts, but the reviews on Amazon are pretty amazing. If these people can be believed the wok will get hot enough for a real stir fry. But I wonder if it will have the same smoky flavor as a seasoned carbon-steel wok.
Seems much safer and more convenient than option 1.

3. Get a portable 1800W induction burner and use a large cast-iron pan: Not sure if this would get hot enough, but I suspect it would. No problem with non-stick here. Another benefit is that I could cook other smoky things like pan-fried steak, blackened fish, etc...


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  1. I sometimes use one of my propane fish cookers (155,00 Btu) for stir frying...It works fine.
    Your deck size is not a problem safety wise as long as you are not right up against your house....Small children and pets running rampant are not advised however.....

    Have Fun!

    1. my mom has something called an outside kitchen equipped with a few of these burners:

      they are connected to large propane tanks. the heat output is awesome for chinese stir-fries.

      i don't have one because i live i a little townhouse without a backyard. i have one of those annoying smooth glass top stoves.