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I plan to be in NOLA on business at the end of the month. I have been on several previous occasions but always on holiday with my wife. This time solo.
Recommendations please??

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  1. My husband and I often dine in restaurants and eat at the bar....great fun because you get to meet lots of interesting people and talk to the bartenders. Some of our favorite restaurants to eat at the bar are Emeril's, and Lilette, and for a casual option, Camelia Grill (all bar service).

    Emeril's Restaurant
    800 Tchoupitoulas, New Orleans, LA 70130

    3637 Magazine St., New Orleans, LA 70115

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      I too recommend eating at a bar. My husband and I love ONE in the Riverbend. You can sit at the bar and actually watch the chefs prepare the food.

      One Restaurant & Lounge
      8132 Hampson St, New Orleans, LA 70118

    2. People dine at the bar at Coquette. And at Bourbon House. But lots of, indeed most, places will happily accommodate a lone diner at a small table. I personally wouldn't want to dine solo at big festive places like Commander's or Galatoire's. But I'd definitely feel comfortable at Herbsaint or Luke, along w/those mentioned by Liz G.

      1. I would recommend Clancy's for a great solo dining experience. Sit at the bar and join in the exuberant and almost "party like" atmosphere. The food is great to boot.

        1. Many thanks to all for these excellent comments and recommendations!

          1. If you've not been to Brigtsen's it would definitely be worth a trip. While they do not have a bar, I'm sure you'll be treated quite well at a 2-top. Finest Modern Louisiana cuisine anywhere, IMNSHO.

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              I concur. Brigsten's Roast Duck with mashed potatoes and tart cherry sauce is one of the best things I have ever eaten not to mention the Strawberry shortcake made with what else but fresh Ponchatoula strawberrries.

            2. agree on Luke and Clancy's, and will add Domenica and the bar at Mr. B's or August.

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                I have dined alone throughout the United States. New Orleans is a good city to dine alone in since it gets so many tourists and conventioneers. I have been to the following restaraunts alone and have been treated great at all of them:

                Antoine's, Arnaud's, Galatroire's, Commander's Palace, K-Paul's, Brigstens, Emeril's, Nola, Coop's, Cochon, Mosca's, Rocky & Carlo's, Mandina's, Louizza's, Adolfo's, Camillia Grill, Olivier's and others I can not remember right now. The only strange experience I had at any was at Brigsten's. I was seated facing another single diner and felt uncomfortable trying to not stare at her all evening. There was a 27 minute gap between finishing my appetizer and receiving my entree. I usually do not eat at the bar but will if the wait is shorter than a table. Commander's Palace and K-Paul's have always treated me great. If you want to eat alone in New Orleans do not feel self concious about it. It can be a good experience.

                Bigray in Ok

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                  sorry to hijack your thread qbdave, but regarding commander's palace, i may be eating solo there for a friday lunch. do you recommend sitting at the bar or in the garden room? i like to talk to people, so i'm thinkin the bar may be a better choice, but everyone says to reserve the garden room. thanks for the 411!

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                    Commander's isn't a bar sitting place in the way other places are. The bar is on the other side of the kitchen and it's not really set up for that. You might be able to eat at the bar there but it doesn't really lend itself to it, I don't think. That said, I highly recommend going to the bar at Commander's for a couple of drinks, especially if Jenni is mixing. She's a doll and will fill your head with insider knowledge on the local restaurant scene. We had a great time hanging out with her there before lunch.

                    (Oh no! Zombie thread! well the info is still good...)

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                  Lunch at Mr B's, at the bar, BBQ shrimp, $1.50 cocktails.

                3. I once eat at at Galatoire's solo.....they were really good at giving me lots of friendly attention without going over the top.
                  The atmosphere was inclusive...I remember clapping along with others after someone
                  was sung *Happy Birthday*.
                  I did feel mildly uncomfortable eating solo, but that was *my* issue,as I hadn't done it much .

                  I might choose a place less formal, with a lot of energy and a good *vibe*.
                  I've had fun eating at the bar at Acme's with friends, and I could imagine doing the same at Deanie's...which has a really casual feel to it..


                  ps...Why not consider posting a request for Chowhounder's company?

                  1. As someone who mostly eats alone, I'm accustomed to solo dining and love it. I've had wonderful meals at Galatoire's, Irene's, Clancy's, Casamento's, Brigtsen's, Bon Ton, Herbsaint, Napoleon House, GW Fins.....well, everywhere, really. I honestly can't think of a restaurant in New Orleans where I haven't been made to feel entirely welcome! (And I always sit at a table.)