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Oct 12, 2009 08:47 AM

Prosperity Dumpling - Sunset Park

Five dumplings for a dollar. What's not to like?

Prosperity Dumpling has been pulling off this trick at their Eldridge St. location for years. They do a booming business so the dumplings are always fresh and hot. The downside is that the place is the size of a broom closet and eating there can be a jostley experience.

That is not the case at their new Brooklyn outpost which opened a few weeks ago in Sunset Park. It's positively spacious, with well spaced tables and a pleasant bar by the window where you can do some first rate people watching. The dumplings were perfect.

They sell various soups as well although it will be hard to resist the call of the dumpling.

Extra Points - They've got a flat screen plasma TV mounted on the wall which was by turns annoying and fascinating. It was tuned to some type of glitzy Vegas style Chinese variety show. Some songs were OK, some were brutal. There were English subtitles and at one point I looked up and found the lyric they were singing was "Do you have any regrets, Moon Fairy?"

4317 Eighth Ave. (at 44th St.), a block away from Ba Xuyen.

More pictures -

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  1. Did a little dumpling taste test between Family Dumpling and Prosperity last weekend, and Family definitely came out ahead that particular afternoon. Family's pork fried tasted much fresher than Prosperity's, and also boasted a refreshing hint of ginger. I'm sure I'll patronize both places in the future, and Prosperity definitely has a friendlier room, but that was my take.

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    1. re: Pulpio

      I like Prosperity in Manhattan. I'll have to try the new location. But seriously, if you're doing Sunset Park dumpling taste tests (and why not, when the total would only come out to $3-4?), why not throw in Kai Feng Fu and XSG into the mix?

      I posted previously about XSG, another recent arrival here:

      For my money, they're the best guo tie in the neighborhood. Really tender, thin skin, but still with a little chew to them. And a really juicy, flavorful filling. Every time I've been, everything's felt very fresh. Only four for a dollar, but still so worth it. XSG is on 53rd St just east of Eighth Ave.

        1. re: rschwim


          Family Dumpling
          5602 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11220

          1. re: squid kun

            And let me just add that Family Dumpling makes THE SINGLE BEST scallion pancake. I'm no expert, but I've been eating them for 30 years, and they were always just a kind of greasy, guilty little pleasure. Until I tried the one at Family Dumpling. I can't compare it to the Platonic Ideal of a scallion pancake, because I don't know what it's supposed to be. But I can say comfidently, that it's hard to imagine a morsel as crisp and tender and light and flavorful as that Family Dumpling scallion pancake. Let me just say it again: Family Dumpling. Scallion Pancake.

            1. re: Amy Mintzer

              Is it really thin? Had one like that in Suzhou, have never seen one like it since. Sublime.

              1. re: buttertart

                Even better than the standard scallion pancake is the scallion pancake with egg. They make a regular SP, take it out of the pan, pour in a scrambled egg and then return the pancake to the pan so the egg adheres to the it. Oddly enough, the thing the finished product makes me think of is matzoh brei. I guess it's all flatbread, onion and egg, when it comes down to it...Family Dumpling also makes an interesting version of dan dan noodles. Not life-altering, but different enough to be interesting.

              2. re: Amy Mintzer

                Since this has now become the Family Dumpling thread I guess it's time to say that my one experience there was pretty bad. The dumplings were lukewarm and had overly tough and chewy skins.


                I'm attaching a photo of the Prosperity menu. Besides dumplings they're selling various soups, noodle dishes, and scallion pancakes and well as one with roasted beef. There's also a sesame pancake with roast pork. I'll have to try them on my next visit.

                1. re: Bob Martinez

                  Visited for the first time Wednesday night, with a literal drive-by. I could only pull next to a hydrant and throw the blinkers on so couldn't sit with a soup. Inhaled pork and chive fried while waiting for a nicely put together sesame pancake with roast pork. The former were wonderfully thin skinned, crispy and light. Not overly greasy (though of course these things are covered in oil), gummy or chewy. I could use more chive flavor, but look forward to visiting many times and upping the average.

                  The pancake was fantastic. It was light and crispy and seemingly fresh made even though the time was after 9pm (they're open til 10pm!). They use the carrot and cilantro, unlike Kai Feng Fu. And the pork was crazy good. I expected it to be dry. As I glanced over from my car to the kid at the register laying it out on the pancake, I only saw pale white. But biting into I discovered the meat to be wonderfully laced with fat. It was almost creamy. Oofah, that was a rich sammich.

                  I look forward to revisiting many times and trawling through the dumpling and soup lists. Another fine addition to the expanding Sunset scene.

                  1. re: Bob Martinez

                    As long as I'm here, I'll put in my two cents again about Family Dumpling: Hate it. Not that I'm one to ever really care, but I always found it extremely dirty. The guy there is a jerk - dismissive and grunting at best, if you can get his attention. And I was disgustingly overcharged at least twice.

                    The dumplings were bad, exactly as Bob notes above, as were the buns. Anything else we tried was forgettable. I have never had the scallion pancake there, but there was never a reason to risk disappointment over what's often already a greasy, weird flavored mess. Apparently, I can be wrong. But I won't be going back anytime soon (in fact, I stopped after my few visits maybe four years ago).

                    I don't understand the dedication to this place when there are so many more options now than when they first showed up on 7th ave.

                    Family Dumpling
                    5602 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11220

                    1. re: noisejoke

                      Went to Family the other afternoon with a friend...The dumplings weren't too good. They had maybe been sitting around a while. My friend seemed happy but I dragged him over to XSG (where I've also never been) and it really was night and day. Very good fresh dumplings and very nice people. Ok, I don't know what Family's are like when they're just made but getting an tired soggy dumpling is never fun. What do you all think of XGS vs Prosperity? Still haven't made it there next stop

                      1. re: rschwim

                        I think the basic fried pork/chive dumpling at Kai Feng Fu is generally thicker skinned than other places. But in their case not worse, but different. I'd be curious to see contrast/comparision made to XGS and Prosperity. I'll always give them props, especially for their uncommon roasted chili oil, and sweetish fried pork buns.

                        Does anybody know how late XGS is open? I think I'll take a friend who's never been to some of these places tonight, then the hand pulled place on 60th. I know KFF is open til 9, but that last half hour will only offer the last dregs of the day. Prosperity is open til 10.

                        1. re: noisejoke

                          The XSG menu says 8:30AM-10:30PM every day but just in case (718) 633 1588. Where is Kai Feng Fu?

                          1. re: rschwim

                            Kai Feng Fu is on 48th St just east of Eighth Ave. The last time I went there, the dumplings were fine, but I think they used to taste better than they do now. I also agree with everyone that the dumplings at Family (the few times I tried it) have really tough, overly thick and chewy skins, which is not how I like my guo tie.

                            Glad you liked XSG! I've been encouraging people to check out these relative newcomers for a little while now. I've been a few times around 9-ish, and the food has still been fresh. I have yet to try the new Prosperity in the neighborhood, though I have always liked the old Manhattan branch's dumplings. If I manage the side-by-side comparison I've been meaning to do, I'll report back.