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Oct 12, 2009 08:44 AM

Huntington Fish Market?

Just moved to the area and looking for a good place to buy fresh fish (for cooking at home).

Also, any other tidbits, websites that talk about good food in the area (restaurants or markets), please passa along.


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  1. There isn't a GREAT place in Huntington as far as I'm concerned. I go to Fairway in Plainview, or nearby, the H&Y Asian supermarket or John's Farms on Old Country Road.

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    1. re: sbp

      When ever possible I travel from E.Moriches to shop at john's always fresh

      1. re: scunge

        Yes, they seem to have a huge turnover, so everything looks in top notch condition. The other two locations I mentioned also have high turnover, though John's has the best prices.

        1. re: sbp

          Johns has live lobsters for $4.88 lb. you pick and they steam for free...Bring a cooler and they will pack with ice.

    2. I shop at Fairway and Johns', too. If I shop for fish in Huntington, I go to either Jeff's in Halesite or the Fort Hill fish market on 25A.

      1. If your looking for today's fresh fish go fifteen minutes out of your way and go to Syosset Seafood on Robbins Lane:

        Fairway's whole fish and the weekly special are fresh, the rest of the fish is yesterday's news. Their shrimp and scallops are all phosphate treated. There's a reason John's and H&Y have cheaper prices.

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        1. re: byrd

          + 1 for syosset seafood, that is where I go for fresh seafood

          1. re: dougnash

            I too get all my fish at Syosset Seafood. Highly recommend it.

            DON'T go to Woodbury Fishery-horrible fish, not fresh, often nasty looking. Place has a dirty feel too.

        2. What about Marty's Gourmet Seafood on NY Ave? Anyone have any comments on this place?

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          1. re: ultbil

            I heard Marty's back and if so, it should be fine. He is very particular with his fish.

            1. re: coll

              Quality was good, but not much of a selection. Jeff's, up the road, has more of a selection and more local catches.