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Oct 12, 2009 08:33 AM

Not-too busy brunch spot in Toronto?

I'm looking for a spot to meet some friends where we won't be pressured by waiting patrons breathing down our necks. We might commit that most dreadful of restaurant-going crimes -- lingering. I'd like to find a place that likely won't have people waitling in line, so we can relax.
Ideally, the food will be delicious and reasonably priced, but I realize that lots of people want to go to places like that, hence the rushed feeling.
Anyone know of a good place that is under-frequented? We're going on a Saturday, and the West end south of Bloor would probably be best, but we'd be willing to expand our geographical boundaries...

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  1. Insomnia is a good bet before 12ish.

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    1. re: deelicious

      The Gladstone Hotel isn't too crazy. Obviously, the earlier you go the better. We go once a month or so and have never had to wait and are never rushed.

        1. re: Colonel78

          Funny we stopped going to the Gladstone because it was too busy after 11 and the little kitchen couldn't keep up.

          Sounds like its time to try again. It got so busy the food wasn't coming out well anymore.

    2. If you were looking for east end, I would suggest Bistro Camino. Decor needs an update, but the food and prices are excellent (it's a bargain), and it's definitely under-frequented. Near Danforth & Main/Victoria Park.

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      1. re: Full tummy

        How is the Brunch there? I've only been for dinner. Do they have some breakfast type things on the menu?

        1. re: cubmike74

          Absolutely!!! Eggs benedict is excellent, plus there are a couple of other breakfasty options...

      2. Insomnia is a good choice. Another good, and totally different, option is DT Bistro at the corner of Harbord and Brunswick. It's never busy and they let you stay as long as you'd like with no pressure or funny looks. It's also a quieter atmosphere than Insomnia.