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Oct 12, 2009 08:16 AM

Hungry academics seeking good food & value tonight (walk from Copley)

hello Boston hounds,

Seeking your help:

We're 10 hungry academics looking for a casual place with good, hearty food and prices that grad students and profs can afford within walking distance of Copley Sq.

Ideally something with a Boston accent (like seafood) but not necessary.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Its a bit of a walk, but head over to Chinatown.. Shabu Zen is pretty casual and fun - sort of an Asian fondue experience. There are several good places with a seafood flair - East Ocen City is my favorite, but there are some other contenders as well. Not exactly a Boston accent, though..

    1. I've heard great review for the Corner Tavern. On the corner of Marlborough St and Mass. Ave I believe. If you do a search you'll get more info.

      1. Also a bit of a walk but a nice walk and it's a nice day: Silvertone. Although the Chinatown rec is a good one, Peach Farm in Chinatown is also good for seafood.

        1. For during the conference, i.e., lunch, you might check out Legal Seafood, an originally Boston franchise. There's a branch in the Copley mall itself. Seafood's not cheap, but this place is moderately priced within the category. Excellent chowder, at least 2 types.

          1. Coda on Columbus Ave. is the closest place to meet your needs.

            329 Columbus Ave, Boston, MA 02116