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Oct 12, 2009 08:10 AM

Earth Balance Too Salty for Baking?

I'm trying to find a pareve or vegan recipe for buttercream. Most seem to recommend Earth Balance. While Earth Balance is great, my experience is that in baking with it, one can taste the salt (there doesn't seem to be a non-salty Earth Balance), and it can soften too quickly.

Does anyone have advice on baking with Earth Balance, and especially making a buttercream frosting?

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  1. Their shortening has no salt; the "buttery" varieties do have salt.

    1. I agree! I even wrote to the company let them know about this problem and to ask them to consider producing a salt-free version, but never received any response. For now, I just use the shortening version in place of margarine in my recipes. I haven't noticed a difference, even in frosting.

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        Thank you both for your replies. Ididn't know about the shortening.