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Oct 12, 2009 08:09 AM

Earth Balance Too Salty for Baking?

I'm trying to find a non-dairy or vegan recipe for buttercream. Most seem to recommend Earth Balance. While Earth Balance is great, my experience is that in baking with it, one can taste the salt (there doesn't seem to be a non-salty Earth Balance), and it can soften too quickly.

Does anyone have advice on baking with Earth Balance, and especially making a buttercream frosting?

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  1. Buttercream frosting is only made with unsalted butter. There are lots of other frostings that can be made with other things, just look at the ingredients on a can of 'frosting' on the shelf at the store.

    1. We bake (mostly GF bread and GF muffins) with Earth Balance in recipes that call for butter or margarine. Most recipes call for a little salt anyway. If you find you can taste the salt in those recipes, try reducing the separately added salt. We haven't tried it for buttercream frosting.

      1. Earth Balance makes a non-flavored natural shortening that doesn't have any salt or natural flavorings added that might be an option. I wonder if some of the taste you notice is from the 'natural flavorings', as the sodium level is pretty much in line with salted butter & regular margarine? The sticks of EB shortening would probably be firmer then their spreads, I would think (I never used EB as I'm allergic to corn). Spectrum also makes an organic shortening you could try- its made from palm oil & has no taste that I can tell.

        I took a cake decorating class years ago and the recipe we were taught was for a buttercream using Crisco I believe. I haven't made it years now, but I still have the recipe somewhere... I do know it used artificial butter flavoring. This looks pretty much like it:,1830,...

        For flavor now, I would probably use part extra virgin coconut oil. I use coconut oil in a lot of my baking now for its flavor- I particularly love it when I make my Mom's No Bake Cookies vegan (chocolate+ oatmeal + peanut butter originally). They are really decadent with coconut oil for the butter, coconut milk for the milk...and in some toasted coconut with oatmeal & sub almond butter for the peanut butter and you have a great quick, but delicious treat.