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Oct 12, 2009 08:00 AM

Dinner in Midtown, Maybe Near Penn Station?

Looking for a good restaurant for an early dinner either around Penn Station or east of Penn Station (would rather go east than north to find a good meal) -- about $50 pp would be fine, nothing too greasy, no Korean BBQ, please.


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  1. Nick & Stefs (steaks, some seafood) by MSG. Maybe Bar Breton (french bistro) 5th Ave b/w 28-29.

    1. How about Uncle Nicks Greek on 8th Ave and about 30th St

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        Second Uncle Nicks. Never been to this one but the one on 9th ave around 50th street is a favorite.

      2. I agree about uncle nicks. you cant go wrong and its less than a five minute walk back to penn.though I think their prices are higher than those of the 50th street location.

        If you like asian/chinese how about the grand sichuan international at 9th ave and 24th street?Ive always had a good meal there.