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Oct 12, 2009 07:18 AM

christmas in aruba

we will be in aruba for the first time over the christmas holidays. already stretching the budget traveling at high peak time (and with teens) and need to be creative with food budget.

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  1. I did Xmas with a group once. I recommend reservations BEFORE you get to Aruba. Do you have a condo to cook in lunch and dinner? If so, here are the places consistently good: Mirandi, Madame Janettes, Gasparitos, King Rib (Cheap), Jamaica Me Crazy , Black Hog Tavern cheap BBQ, Driftwood, Buccaneer. Old Man and the Sea and Yamanji Grill are new places I am dying to try.

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      Closed: King Rib, Jamaica Me Crazy and Black Hog Saloon. Go up online to the Texas de Brazil website and sign up. They'll start sending you coupons to print out. The 50% off for 6 people is a real deal and the salad bar and meats are very very good. Do make a res though as it is even packed on the off season with the coupon offers (I tell everyone lol). Casa Tua is fairly reasonable and has very good thin crust pizza. See alot of kids there. Bingo's is quite reasonable and the portions are HUGE! You could easily split a couple of things - another way to save money!

      1. re: Linda VH

        Nos Cunucu is very good and very reasonable. The kid's menu is the entire menu, half portion, half price. Most entrees are just over $10, which is a relative bargain on the island. It's Aruban food and is excellent.

        Cafe Rembrandt has a soup and sandwich lunch special for $10. It may or may not be a chain, but they were friendly, the food was simple and good, and it wasn't too pricey for lunch.

        Gasparito in my opinion is overpriced and a tad touristy. Nice folk, but the Aruban food at Nos Cunucu is twice as good for less than half the price. (Keshi Yena was $26 at Gasparito and 25 afl at Nos Cunucu, for instance.)

        1. re: lambretta76

          Agreed about Gasparitos---not impressed.

          Wacky Wahoo was awesome and cheaper!