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Oct 12, 2009 07:16 AM

Recommendations between Jacksonville,FL and Savannah , Ga

Driving through this area Friday early eve heading to Hilton Head.Taking I-95 Northbound.

One person is not a meat eater.

Need quick, inexpensive , good quality.

Really appreciate this - I do not want to go to fast food, Denny's ,Cracker barrel, etc.

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  1. B&J's in Darien has a seafood buffet or for a budget under $10 shrimp bowl with over 1/2 lb of fresh local shrimp and a side or the full shrimp dinner with over a lb and 2 sides. Prime rib sandwich has a nice sizes slab also.

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    1. I'll second the reco on B&J's. Reasonably nice place on the river, not what I would consider very expensive. I've had about as good a fried soft-shell crab as I've ever had there. Their calamari and other apps are nicely done as well.