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Good Scali Bread in Boston, Outside/Inside the North End

I was looking for some suggestions for Scali bread in Boston both inside the North End and outside.

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  1. papa's bakery, right next door to santarpio's, does very nice scali. closes at 5:00 during the week. they also have very good prices on italian meats.

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      Good to know, I wish Santarpio's sold their bread too. I'm sort of in a bind since I need some for tonight and I'm at work in the Back Bay right now.

      1. re: NahantNative

        jj pace in the north end has very good bread, but i don't know if you can count on a variety after 5:00, if that's your schedule today.

        i've never liked bova's.

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          Do you know if they sell scali at the J Pace on Federal Street?

          1. re: NahantNative

            sorry, i can't say. but they make sandwiches and do catering from there, don't they?

            1. re: hotoynoodle

              They do, I'll give them a ring, they're prob closed due to the holiday

            2. re: NahantNative

              With a day's notice, Pace will bring anything from the NE store to the Devonshire St store, bread etc. I try to go in before the lunch rush if there's something I need and know I won't be able to make it to NE the next day.

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              I got some good scali from Pace in the NE. I suspect its a day old due to the holiday, but it will get the job done.

              Thanks all!

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              I second Papa's Bakery for scali bread. I notice they run out by 2 or 3 in the afternoon sometimes so get there early.

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                Do you know if Papa's has weekend hours, I got to Santarpio's mostly on Sat and Sundays?

                1. re: NahantNative

                  They close earlier on Sundays but I'm unsure what time.

                  1. re: bizkat

                    saturday til 5, but sunday they close by 11 or 12.

                    1. re: hotoynoodle

                      Papa's Bakery has officially closed. Another long-time family-owned East Boston establishment bites the dust.

                      1. re: bizkat

                        i saw. i cross-posted on the openings/closing thread as well.

          2. La Cascia's in Medford (or Burlington/Billerica line) has a nice sliced scali. I am sure you can get it unsliced as well.

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              I've often driven by the B'rica/Burl one and will stop in and try the Scali. What else do you recommend?

            2. The Chateau in Waltham has great scali bread. They sell loaves of it at the restaurant.

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                Isn't the poster asking for Scali in Boston? If they wanted it outside Boston, there are decent options much closer to Nahant than Waltham (for instance D'Amici's in Lynn, Espositos in Revere), but the poster is looking in Boston. I think given the holiday (and its importance to Italians) the North End probably gives you the most options: Pace's (and might be able to pull up and check), Modern's Scali is decent and usually open, Parziale is probably closed or may close early so if the others don't work out you might have to settle for Bova.

                1. re: itaunas

                  I guess so. I saw inside and outside the north end and the Medford / Billerica suggestions and assumed they were open to spots outside Boston.

                  1. re: Ali G

                    My two favorites are Pace's in the North End, and Elm St. bakery in Everett.

                  2. re: itaunas

                    Parziale is the best bet. It's a bakery and better than Bova's. J Pace is not a bakery. I think they get their bread from either Parziale or Bova.

                    1. re: robertlf

                      They get their bread from their Saugus store which has a bakery.

                2. J Pace and Roma's in Woburn (go every week for theirs!)

                  1. Well since everyone's mentioning Pace....I'll put in a plug for J. Pace in Saugus. That's where we buy all our Italian bread and rolls. Gotta go early though, or give them a phone call to hold what you want.

                    1. For good scali bread outside of Boston, I would go to Italo's on Main Street in Medford or the Winter Hill Bakery on Broadway in Somerville.

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                        buffet king what do you like most at Italo's? I tried them a few times, but was a bit disappointed because they kept running out of things and I got some stale product -- mostly pastries, but at least one loaf of bread -- from them a couple of times (during the great flour price increase). So I have mostly stuck with La Cascia's which isn't my favorite, but was more consistent, maybe time to give them another shot. BTW, Winter Hill is probably the bakery I frequent most (still think that BobB should make a trip to give Portuguese rolls and bulkie a try), but for Scali I would tend to Patsy's on the other side of McGrath (I also like them for seeded buns). If you haven't tried them (or just for pastries), its worth a shot.

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                          I go to Italo's for their scali, rolls and bread crumbs. I would not recommend buying their pastries or pizza. I like the scali and rolls at the Winter Hill Bakery. Winter Hill Bakery also has better square slices of pizza ($1.25) a slice than Italo's. Bocelli's in Medford also has square slices of pizza for $1.00 a slice. Sometimes the pizza slices at Bocelli's are very good and sometimes they are just okay. I also like the rolls at Bob's Food Store. The rolls at Bob's are very good and I use them to make a cold cut sandwiches. I asked the cashier at Bob's where do they get their rolls and she said a bakery in Someville. She didn't or wouldn't tell me which bakery. She did say that it wasn't LaRonga Bakery. I also buy pizza dough, sliced breads and rolls at LaRonga.

                          1. re: buffet king

                            Once I was in Bob's and the Italo truck was delivering rolls, for what that one observation is worth. Seems likely to me, I know Italo produces the longer braided seeded rolls Bob's uses for some of their large sizes, they're occasionally in the cases. Personally I'm a fan of the Portuguese and sandwich rolls at Italo (never buy scali anywhere, more an Iggy's/B&R/Clearflour fan for loaves). But I haven't done a direct comparison with Winter Hill/Italo/LaCascia; Italo is just the handiest and I'm happy enough.

                            1. re: itaunas

                              I have been to Patsy's on Broadway in Somerville. Patsy's is known for their miniature Italian pastries.

                          2. The freshly-baked scali bread at the Sportello Bakery counter (and which they serve with dip during meal service) is the best I have had - the takeout sandwiches on it are amazing, too.

                            348 Congress Street, Boston, MA 02110

                            1. They had a scali-like bread at Russo's a couple weeks ago, though it was a littler narrower than I'm used to. It made for an amazing garlic bread.

                              1. Tutto Italiano has good scali.

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                                  Guarino's in Norwood was a fave of my mom's-they make it right there so sometimes you have to wait for it to cool before they slice it for you. Great pastries too. For a more "Americanized" version, I've always had good luck with Roche Bros - they make a small loaf - which is good for 2 people - as well as a "full sized" loaf.

                                2. La Cascias Bakery on
                                  418 Main Street, Medford MA 02155
                                  Have the best Scali bread 7 minutes near to Boston

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                                  1. edit: o.k. i feel stupid again. this is a wicked old thread but i didn't notice that when i just posted. sorry.

                                    NN, this is funny. We went south to Southie to try a recommended burger last month and the one thing i thought was great about it- was the hamburger roll. Turns out it was made by a 'new' bakery, Piantedosi, and the web said they have a location in my own town, Winchester.( What a surprise. I obviously don't go out much in my own town.) Anyway, i think they will have what you are looking for, and a lot closer to Nahant than is the NEnd. They have a store in Malden too.


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                                      Piantedosi's was always our go to place for bread, rolls, etc when we were having a crowd. I remember going there as a kid, getting bags of "spuckie" rolls, and a few baguettes to eat on the way home. Added bonus if they were still warm. I have company coming in this weekend, and they always want Italian subs- will have to swing by after I stock up on cold cts at Pace's.

                                      1. re: macca

                                        You are but 2 of 2 people in my 54 year old life that knows what a "spuckie" is. I love it!! As far as scali which led me to this page I grew up riding my bicycle to LaCasia's on Main St in Medford for the family loaf every other afternoon.
                                        Those were the days. My Dad, my uncle, my cousin and myself all worked at Bob's in the 50's and my cousin and I worked at Nick's Fruit Market in the 70's. Ohhh, Main St in South Mefford.

                                        1. re: scallops

                                          When I was a kids, everyone knew what a spuckie was!! I would guess it must be a regional thing!

                                          1. re: macca

                                            I think it is regional. My family from Lawrence, MA is Italian American and used "spuckie" to describe both the roll type and the sandwich itself...interestingly, my Irish American husband from Melrose heard the same term/usage growing up. Makes me smile, the word "spuckie"

                                            1. re: pinehurst

                                              Well- I am irish American from Melrose, too! That's funny!

                                              1. re: macca

                                                In case anyone missed this from The Boston Globe last month about Cutty's Spuckie sandwich.


                                    2. its a hike but Virgilio's in Gloucester