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Oct 12, 2009 06:56 AM

Atlantic City - Teachers' Convention

Staying at Bally's during teacher's convention in November - Need ideas for Thursday night dinner please.
Don't want to drive around town at all but willing to walk a short distance.
Open to all types of food without over the top pricing - perhaps under $200 for 2 -

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  1. I'm staying tuned to this thread also. My GF is going to the Teacher's convention for her first time as a real teacher and I'm tagging along. We are also staying at Bally's.

    So far, my list of things to try are
    Bill's Gyro
    Melting Pot

    I know the Melting Pot is kind of a cop-out for this board, but my GF seems to like it a lot.

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      Funny thing - I also thought about Melting Pot, but we have one local to us - so I turned to the boards for help.

    2. Hey Tux....I would reccomend a trip to Little Saigon for Vietnanese. Service is slow but this is a must have in AC for asian. Chicken WIngs are the BEST! Now with the money you save at Little Saigon.... my absolute favorite Steakhouse in AC...take the cab to the Borgatta and try The Old Homestead. Pricey but worth the trip. The ribeye will melt in your mouth. Make reservations if you want a good seat. THis is one of the only negatives I could say about the place. We went without a reservation and were treated at first like we had the plague. It was a week nite and the place was not even half full. I had to ask for a different seat since we were seated right next to the noisy kitchen door. Heads up restaurants...just because folks dont have reservations doesn't mean they should be treated any differently like those who do. After all if I wasnt there that evening you have have made $300. less! Back to the food. I esp liked the artisan bread bowl (which you pay for). Money well spent. MacNacheese was decadent. Salad above par but forgetable. Kudos to the bar for some very good Caipirinhas.

      One other recommendation I have would be OPA...located on the boadwalk near Trump Plaza. One of the very best Greek Salads and if you go for lunch on a warm day sit al fresco and pople watch!

      Enjoy you stay!

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        thanks much..forgot all about lunch for myself!

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          A hearty second to Little Saigon. If possible, try to get there between meals - say 3 or 4 o'clock. Oh, and bring beer!

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            Opa was closed and boarded up when I was there in April. Did it reopen?

          2. White House Sub Shop, 2301 Arctic Ave. The best bread for hoagies. Only 1/2 mile from Bally's.

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              You beat me to it. A trip to AC is not complete without a trunk full of WH subs to come home with.

              Dont miss either the sausage/peppers or the tuna sub. Awesome.

              1. Autouro's in Ballys: decent Italian...but I prefer Angeloni's for my AC Italian on Georgia and Artic Ave, just down the street from White House Subs

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                  Btw, Bill's Gyro was excellent. Greasy Spoon Feel with plastic forks and paper cups. Dollar bills plastered all over the walls. Open 24 hours. It is among the best, if not the best gyro I've ever had. I will be going back every time I'm in AC.