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Oct 12, 2009 06:15 AM

visiting daughter at GW ..any good eats nearby?

We are going to GW parents weekend and looking for some suggestions to take college students and family for dinner .from nyc so we are seasoned italian but ready to take on what DC as to offer ...and not break the bank...offers???

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  1. Not too far away is Spezie, which has nice Italian, but may be a little pricier. Also the Bombay Club isn't too far and has good Indian food, and isn't too expensive.

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      Primi Piatti is walking distance to GW and a very good Italian restaurant that has been in business for at least 15 years if not more. Kinkaide's is right there too. Not Italian, but very high-end restaurant. Chef Bob Kinkaide has been on TV with Julia Child and many others. He is well known in culinary circles.

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        This PP could work well... I have also been told Kinkaides is very good... Thanks...

        1. re: ice203

          Yes, it really is a good place. The owner, Savino Recine, is a very old-school host who frequently walks through the dining room saying hello to his guests. A typical Italian, he's sweet on all the ladies. You may see him there.

    2. Blue Duck Tavern and the Westend Bistro are walking distance from GW. I also second the recommendation for Primi Piatti (Italian).