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Oct 12, 2009 05:37 AM

Last Supper before baby comes -- need suggestions

We are having a baby in 4 weeks. We have booked a room downtown Toronto for next Saturday as a last escape for a very long time. :)

I'm looking for a restaurant that is yummy with friendly service. Doesn't have to be an "it" spot but it's OK if it is. Price isn't really an issue. Can't do anything that's a chef's tasting menu type-of-thing as husband has a shellfish allergy and well, I can't eat anything raw or unpasturized.

Looking for someplace downtown. TYIA.

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  1. You didn't specify a particular type of cuisine but here are a couple of thoughts...

    We did our "last supper" at Colbourne Lane. Although they have a tasting menu - they made changes to accomodate me - no alcohol in the food, etc.

    I know the restaurant has mixed reviews here but we enjoyed the atmosphere and the table-side ice cream at the end is certainly memorable...

    Since it is Saturday - Canoe is out (I believe they are only open for private events on Sat)

    Also consider - Note Bene. And further north (St. Clair) is Scaramouche for a spectacular view of the city...


    1. For my last meal before baby came, we went to Senior's steak house. It was so good & so decadent & the ambiance is not too loud. Also, ABC (after baby comes), you will no longer want to have that super-stuffed, I-think-I-am-going-to-fall-into-a-food-coma feeling only a steakhouse can deliver. If you want something a little cooler (Seniors is delicious but a little shabby and old school) try Harbour 60, Barbarians, Jacobs & Co, Mortons, or Ruth Chris (the most decadent since they finish it in butter.

      Good luck!

      Oh, and for a last breakfast BBC, I had a Sausage McGriddle, literally the most unhealthy thing on the McD's menu (but arguably the most delicious). It was something that I knew once I gave birth to my daughter, I would never be able to eat again (she was my last one, so I knew my days of careless eating were over)