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Oct 12, 2009 04:16 AM

Pinenuts...where on Thanksgiving monday ??

Help...anyone know where i can get Pinenuts near Bloor/Ossington area on Thanksgiving Monday, forgot to pick them up !.

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  1. Anything open out on the Danforth?

    1. There's a grocery/variety store at Bloor & Markham that has some gourmet-ish stuff, so they might be worth a shot. Don't remember the name, and I don't know for sure if they're open, but they seem like the sort of place that would be.

      You could also try calling Noah's at Bloor & Spadina to see if they're open and have pinenuts - 416-968-7930

      1. Not quite in your area but I know Bruno's on Yonge just north of St Clair is definitely open today and they have pine nuts.

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        1. Anything in a designated tourist district will be open. Closer, though egregiously overpriced, is Pusateri's on Bay St north of Bloor. You might give them a call to be sure they're open and are holding.

          1. You could try Sun Valley on the Danforth. They are often open on days when I least expect them to be.