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Oct 11, 2009 09:29 PM

Ok so Pepe's is in Earth side of Mohegan..where?

I should be going there on Wednesday. I usually hit the Riverview garage and stay in Sky but Pepe's is over in Earth. I can't really figure it out via Mohegan's Website. It just says it's over near some Market..and I don't know where that is either! I know Mohegan pretty well..just not that side. I remember seeing the sign that it was "coming" but that was found accidentally. LOL.

Somewhere said it was best to park at Winter Garage..but isn't that the one that doesn't even connect to the casino and you need to use the shuttle?

Ok so if I park in Indian Summer...any specific door/side to go in to make it easier? Then which way?

I have a messed up ankle..I just want to get some pizza, play a few draw poker slots with the least amount of walking as possible and avoiding a wheelchair. haha.

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  1. The winter garage is connected.
    On ground level you walk down a hallway that leads to an escalator.
    At the bottom is Pepe's on the left. A little farther on the left is Mr. Flay's.

    1. We usually stay in Sky (or Wind now) too, but Earth is a nice change of pace sometimes. Feels more cozy. There's a few options for parking. I always stay overnight and park near Sky, so if what Td61 says is correct and Winter is connected, that's your best bet. Just remember Earth is basically a big circle with a stage in the center. Most (all?) of the restaurants including the buffet are along the outer edge of the circular path.

      You can see the map at which shows your options. If you did Indian Summer or Earth valet, you would walk inwards until you hit the round outer path around Earth, take a left, and go about halfway around the circle, Pepe's will be on your left. The other option is parking where you usually do, and walking through the mall to Earth. If you go that route, take a right when you get to Earth and it'll be up ahead on the right, just a bit before the buffet.

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        haha... basically a big circle? That explains why the few times I do enter the Earth, I seem to be in front of a stage.. LOL

        1. re: Td61

          Going today/Wednsday. Wish me luck. haha.

          Thanks for the info... I'll probably do the Winter Garage thing then.