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Oct 11, 2009 09:25 PM

Quebec Cheesemakers within an hour of MTL

Last fall, I took a carload of friends to Fritz Kaiser to take advantage of the great prices at the shop in Noyan. Want to do the same thing this year but at a different fromagerie. A ride in the country, an assortment of delicious, affordable local cheeses, and a baguette, that`s the plan. Any suggestions for places no further than an hour outside of the city? Aged or smoked hard cheeses, soft cheeses like camembert, and goat`s milk cheeses are my favorites.

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  1. there is an abbey that makes award winning blue cheese "bleu benedictin". im sorry i dont know more details but im sure someone will pipe in.

    1. I'm not sure exactly how long it would take to drive there (you can MapQuest it) but you might want to check out Fromagerie de l'Abbaye Saint-Benoît - could be the one redroses is referring to:

      Some more ideas in this thread:

      Cheese Making Tours in Montreal?

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        Fromagerie de lAbbaye sounds great, but it`s almost 2 hours from montreal--too far! Same with Tournevent, a cheesemaker mentioned in the thread you linked to, kpzoo. I started a new thread because I`d like input from people who`ve visisted some of these places and can recommend ones nearby....

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          St. Benoit is not 2 hours away - more like 1¼ hours from the Champlain bridge (assuming no traffic tie-ups). The monks there make about 10 different varieties of cheese. Apple cider, too.

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            What I should have said is that it's an hour and forty minutes from my house. My time is valuable and I don't want to spend three hours of my Saturday driving!

      2. Chocolatine recently reported favourably on Ruban Bleu, a goat cheese maker in Mercier, which is within an hour of Montreal provided you don't get stuck in traffic. See

        Though it's far from exhaustive, you might find the Route des fromages website useful. You can search by region and select for criteria like guided tours and on-site sales.

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          To add on the goat cheese options: La Chevrière de Monnoir is less than 30 minutes away in Marieville. It's a small shop off hgwy 10, next to the farm. See their hours and products (cheeses, meats) on their site:
          You might know them for their Boucq'Emissaire, now called Pestige (info from their site).

          If you continue on hgwy 10, you could visit Fromagerie des Cantons in Farham. They're on the wine route, which might make a good complement!

          let us know where you end up going!

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            Thanks, carswell, for the links. I've tried using the Route des Fromages site, but I'm a bit turned off by the way their search engine is set up. I'm not from here and don't know the regions of QC well enough to know which are nearby... Guess it's time I did a little reconnaissance!

            Chocolatine, thank you for the tip on La Chevriere de Monnoir. Their website is great, I love that they have a petting zoo and that they encourage picnics! We plan to go there next Saturday and I'll report back.

            Thanks to everyone who responded, you guys are the best.