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Oct 11, 2009 08:56 PM

NYC foodies - must eats in SF

Hey all CH's,
NYC chowhounder's visiting next weekend. We have Saturday booked in Napa at Auberge Du Soleil.
Need rec's in SF for brunch, lunch and dinner. what places are a must. could be from real casual to trendy to formal. any price range. just want to know all the best places. from Pizza to fish to salads and eggs...anything. We LOVE good food.
prefer more of a chill vibe. very fresh food

so far we have been rec'd to go to:
Slanted Door
Chez Panisse (we know in Berkley but a must)
Ferry Terminal

Good? what else?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Breakfast: Judy's ( is one of the older established restaurants in the heart of the Marina District on Chestnut St. After eating out on a regular basis in S.F. for the past 41 years, I can unequivocally state this restaurant serves one of the best (if not the best) breakfasts in the 'City'. It is very small with two levels of seating. Excellent service. Not inexpensive but neither is it outrageously overpriced...especially considering the quality of the food. Their omelets are the best, bar none, I have ever eaten anywhere and that includes NYC! It has been a must stop for celebrities, politicians and other notables for years. As for lunch and dinner, there are to many for me to recommend at the moment with the exception of one absolute 'fail safe' and that is a MUST stop for dinner; The House of Prime Rib ( The name says it all. I hope you enjoy your visit as mush as I enjoy NYC.

      Judy's Cafe
      2268 Chestnut St, San Francisco, CA 94123

      1. You have been given VERY good reccomendations.

        That said, right now I'm liking Perbacco a little more than Delfina (same price/type of food... just a bit better, imo) -- but Delfina is *excellent* too. Nothing like Slanted Door in NYC that I'm aware of.

        Another "only in SF" is Ame. More expensive, but worth it. Japanese/Italian/French fusion. Deffinitely deserves the Michelin star it has earned.

        I would hit up a Mission tacqueria for lunch one day. Tacqueria Cancun is probably my favorite -- that or La Tacqueria.

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          Thank you guys so much for the rec's...helps a lot!

        2. also, someone responded to a day or two ago when I first posted with an incredible SF link to all eats but it is no longer here???

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            Here is the list again. Ironically the best part of Mr. Barnes post was deleted.

          2. I'd hit the Palace Hotel for Brunch.

            As for dinner....Gary Danko, Ame....Acquerello is still my favorite. No need to drive to Berkeley. Apparently I'm the only one who wasn't impressed with Slanted Door.

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              I went to Out the Door and ordered a few things that appeared on the Slanted Door menu, and while they were good, were nothing special and didn't justify the price point and I ended up just thinking about how I could have been so much happier at Tu Lan