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Oct 11, 2009 08:36 PM

Your ideal meal at Galatoire's?

Ok all I know the posts about Galatoire's are a dime a dozen. However, I wanted to open one up for everyone to post their ideal meal there. From appetizers to desserts. Soup to nuts give it all. I am going for the first time this Thursday night and am totally psyched! I have a 6pm reservation (I know downstairs in the way to go but I wanted to make sure I had a res as a backup). Think if we get there around 5:20 or so and ask for downstairs we may get seated by 6-6:30? It is a Thursday night and I don't think anything is going on. If so, I will just tell them to disregard to reservation and we will wait for downstairs because I really do want that whole experience of Gal's that everyone screams about! Anyway here is what I am considering based on reading reviews and my personal preferences from studying the menu haha:

Appetizers: Fried eggplant and souffle potatoes, duck breast, and oysters en brochette all sound great,

Entrees- I definitely know what I am getting. The fried soft shell crabs amandine with sauteed crabmeat on top =). I was nervous that maybe soft shell crabs are out of season in Oct but I called the restaurant earlier this week and they confirmed that they still got em yessss... The fried/sauteed trout also soudns delicious. My father will probably go for a meat dish and I have heard the lamb chops are the way to go. The ribeye also sounds very interesting, if it is bone-in which I seriously doubt.

Desserts- Wow I have a huge sweet tooth and they all sound delicious. We are definitely gunna try the banana bread pudding, The chocolate pecan pie and sweet potato cheesecake also sound to die for but we will be eating lotssss of heavy meals over our 5 day stay so if they are not must eats we will just stick to the bread pudding and save the calories and stomach space for the next day,

So how did I do? I would love to hear some more recommendations and please all respond with your own ideal meal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ty.

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  1. I start with the crabmeat maison followed by trout amandine then banana bread pudding and Im pretty damn satisfied to be alive after that meal.

    1. You should not have to wait on a Thurs. Definitely dine downstairs. Gal's pours are very generous. I like to start with a martini, just to get the bowl of olives that accompanies it. Although not Commander's (IMO #1), their turtle soup is very good. Softshells are good, not great. (for great, best in NOLA, go to Brigtsen's... call ahead). I am partial to the grilled or sauteed fish meuniere, topped with crabmeat. Ask your waiter which is best that night. You would do well to put yourself in his hands. Waiters at Gal's know best. They are accomodating to the extreme. They will split/combine entrees if you can't decide. Whatever you want, just ask. Try the Cafe Brulot. Gal's is a truly "only in NOLA" experience. Enjoy.

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        "Gal's?" Wow, that is a really painful abbreviation. I like the goute (appetizer sampler), frequently I get what the staff is eating or a filet.

        1. re: JazzyB

          Combine entrees you say? What do you mean?

          1. re: steakrules85

            He means that the waiter will combine two or more entrees on your plate, e.g., half order of crabmeat Yvonne and a half order of shrimp creole...or one lamb chop and some sweetbreads...or, if you want to pay for it, they'll put a soft shell crab on top of a steak. Remember that Galatoire's origin is as a bistro. You should be dressed properly but it is not a stuffy place.

            1. re: hazelhurst

              Wow thats amazing and something I truly appreciate. I love when places are flexible and always trying to accomodate every request of the diner. It seems like as long as you are willing to pay for it then Galatoire's will make it happen. The only thing I was wondering was how they are still able to serve soft shells. I really though they were out of season but once again am stoked I will still be able to get it. I guess they are using frozen this time of the year. Should I expect the quality to be any less or should I still be in for a delicious meal?

              I know all about the dress policy and will be showing up in my jacket and ready to eat. I cannot wait and I will be sure to dish out a long and detailed report of not only Gal's but my entire food excursion through New Orleans over this great weekend.

              1. re: steakrules85

                As it was expplained to me, crabs around here are always molting so the providers just separate the ones that are about to shed the shell and send them to market when they bust. I would not be surprised if most crab you get are frozen but I must say that some of the best I had last year---and those were up in Baton Rouge at DiGuilio's---were not only frozen but were also imported from somewhere in SE Asia.

                I dont get them fried, though..I have them sauteed which I think is leagues better. You cna get them to dress that up with whatever strikes your fancy..sliced artichoke or shrimp ---you can have fun consulting your waiter for ideas..if there is a regular customer at a nearb table I am sure he or she would be glad to play with some ideas.

                With all respect to JazzyB, I wouldn't refer to the restaurant by that shortened name..quite a few of the waiters and such are not fond of that or of the vogue we had when the Friday Horde referred to getting drunk as being "Gal-vanized." Poor form, that.

                Do have the shrimp remoulade. It is sometimes derided for lacking in presentation. It's just put on iceberg lettuce and you can have them hold that if you like. We don't do stacked food, towers, or those awful squiggles so beloved of many Culinary Skool Graduates. Here's a piece of it. I still advise you to just go there about 4:00 and relax and watch the place come to life. That is lots of fun.

                1. re: hazelhurst

                  Thanks to everyone for the great suggestions. That split entree thing just makes my decision even harder! So many great things to choose from on the menu. Perhaps one fried soft shell crab and one lamb chops yum.....!

                  I just got some more awesome news... the lady Joann at the desk said there is no wait between 5 and 6 when I asked how long the normal wait is at 5:30. Can't wait!

                  1. re: hazelhurst

                    When speaking I never say "Gal's". I'm just a lazy typist.

                    1. re: JazzyB

                      Fair enough...I admit to being surprised at the usage.

                  2. re: steakrules85

                    Bring your sansabelt slacks for a comfortable trip home :-)
                    It has been my experience that if Gals does not serve frozen anything. If they have soft shells, they will be fresh.

                    1. re: steakrules85

                      Softshells are in season in spring. Period. Any other time of the year, they are frozen. This is not necessarily a bad thing, however. If they were properly frozen and stored, frozen softshells are pretty much indistinguishable from fresh.

                      1. re: pikawicca

                        You are right that a well-done job of frozen soft-shell is almost, if not completely, indisinguishable from fresh...a soft sheel fanatic I knw was completely fooled on several occasions...but you can get fresh ones in Lousisana and Texas damn near year round...someone's always molting and the crab guys have this figured out. Spring is when you se the most of them, though.

                        1. re: hazelhurst


                          Not sure that I agree here. We just nailed some "early-season fresh softshells," in DC. At first, the server insisted that they WERE fresh. After a few interactions, I demanded to speak to the chef. Initially, he still claimed that they were fresh, and alive that day. I persisted, and finally he broke down, admitted that they were long frozen, and took them off of the bill.

                          Now, I am not saying that I have not been fooled, as I am sure that I have. Still, there is a slightly different smell to the crab, and also a textural difference, even if slight.

                          To me, the chef, or server, should point the frozen aspect out, then let the diner make the judgment, based on the prep. Lies do not help anyone, and make the liar look very foolish.

                          Actually, the best soft-shell dish that we have ever had, was in Denver, CO. The chef, however, had the crabs flown in live daily. I could just imagine them breaking loose in the cargo compartment of the plane, and running amok, like "Snakes on a Plane."


              2. You may be too full for a big dessert. I always like their creme caramel to top off my fabulous dinner of appetizers: Crabmeat maison, turtle soup, shrimp remoulade and the souffle potatoes.

                1. I always start with the fried eggplant and souffle potatoes (my mother started this tradition) - however, the crabmeat maison is my husbands favorite. I really love the crabmeat sardou, and my husband highly recommends the lamb. We rarely have dessert but instead opt for cafe brulot or an aparatif ~ Enjoy!

                  1. How long of a wait should I anticipate on a Friday Night (Oct 16), if I arrive at 7pm ? Just 2 people. REALLY Looking forward to this meal. Thanks !

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                      If you are only two then you might get in fairly quickly...or right away..just never can be sure. On Friday, though, people who left work and went over there will be sitting until 7:30 or a little I guess anywhere from no wait to 40 minutes.