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Oct 11, 2009 08:01 PM

help on 2and 11th ave cowtown

im working on the two towers at 205 11th ave and am looking for a lunch spot ,anything.i have been going to Vietnam restaurant but im now tired of the food .i need a new place to go.please help,im working on the 15th floor in the open where any second i could be blown onto 9th ave(or which ever the wind in blowing that day)this could be my last meal

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  1. You're working on Keynote? Cool- when does Sunterra open?

    I'd go to L'Epicerie for some amazing sandwiches- it's not a typical place for hardhats but most hardhats don't post on chowhound either :-). It's on 1st SE next to Callebaut.

    Loungeburger is close by too, and I've heard mostly good- some very good- reviews.

    You can also walk over to 1st SW and try Giuseppe's, which has got some good reviews here.

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    1. L'Epicerie: 1325 1 Street SE

      1st Street SE/MacLeod Tr South at 13th Avenue on the west side. Same complex as Manuel Latruwe, and Bernard Callebaut (brown brick, cathedral style windows)

      1. re: maplesugar

        I definitely agree on L'Epicerie. While a little on the pricey side, their sandwiches are to die for. My favourite sandwiches are the croque monsieur and the sud-ouest (foie gras slices on a french baguette).

      2. re: John Manzo

        Have to agree with John on Giuseppe's. The meatball sandwich or one of the pizzas from the wood-fire oven are fantastic. They had a realy spicy one on Saturday.

      3. The food is basic but cheap at the canteen on the 2nd floor of the Transalta building on 12th Ave between Centre St and 1st St SW. Sandwiches, grill, hot meals etc. I also used to go to the Drum & Monkey for their burgers.