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Oct 11, 2009 07:39 PM

Ah Beetz: Destination Pizza in Abbotsford

The owner Terry lived in NYC for a few years and became obsessed with recreating NY Style pizza from the premium joints (not the street slice places).

His take on this style is great: nice charring on the crust from his hot Garland deck oven (running at 700F), sourdough crust leavened with his own starter, nice canned plum tomatoes from California, locally sourced herbs and salumi (the sausages are made by a specialty sausage maker specially for his shop), and sometimes, when available, he uses his own freshly made mozza.

He ferments his dough for a couple of days and you can really taste the tanginess of the crust. The bottom of the crust had nice leopard spots from the charring. He's only had a few complaints that his pizza crusts were "burnt."

I ordered the Funghi and his homage to Di Fara's Pizza. It travels well (I drove a couple of pies back to Harrison Hotsprings where my family and I are taking in some R&R).

Well worth the drive (...many pizza-heads from Vancouver come all the way out to have this pizza.)

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  1. wow, thanks for the pics and report! i'm actually gonna be in hhs this friday...what are ah beetz's hours? and was the drive from ah beets to hhs very long?

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    1. re: flowbee

      Their hours are posted here:

      The drive was about an hour. It was a nice drive - I can only sit in a hot tub or swim for so long so I went for a little drive.

      More pics:

    2. You're an all-star Fmed.

      1. Thanks Fmed!

        Went there last night. Wow! Was totally worth the drive!

        Ordered Funghi, Spagnuolo, and Meat Head. All were very good. Though the Meat Head felt a bit too meaty. And the dough/crust was fantastic.

        I was especially pleased with how well the leftovers `travel`. Next time I might order an extra pie to go... for breakfast ;).

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        1. re: Gutsy

          Thanks for the report! There are pizza-heads who buy four or five boxes at a time to take back to Vancouver.