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Oct 11, 2009 06:43 PM

Where to take guests on way to/from Fallingwater?

We'll have an out of town guest with us this week, and have reservations at Fallingwater. When I was last there some 7-8 years ago, the cafe was perfectly ok, but not memorable or even very good. Any suggestions for high end or hole-in-the-wall good eats in the area?

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  1. It's probably about 15 or 20 miles away (but then again most things are that far from Fallingwater), but I would recommend Out of the Fire. It is on rte 711 right near the Donegal Exit on the turnpike. It is BYOB

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      There is a restaurant in the town of Ohiopyle -- just a mile or so from Fallingwater -- make a right turn out of Fallingwater and go down the road a mile or so. There's a barbecue place right on the left of the road, but if you make a left turn and then a right in the little town there's a very good place that makes terrific sandwiches and wraps. I don't remember the name but those two places and maybe one other are all there are in the vicinity.

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        out of the fire looks great thanks?


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          Thanks mcharles had a great 2 hour lunch at Out of the fire yesterday! Food reminded me of our favorite lunch spot Bayonna in New Orleans.


        2. Nemacolin has some nice restaurants.