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Oct 11, 2009 05:36 PM

Banjara restaurant on Eglinton East---related to Banjara Indian Cuisine on Bloor?

I drove by it today and was surprised to see a new Indian place on Eglinton. And since I love Banjara on Bloor, wondering if there's a connection? Anyone been to this Banjara?

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  1. I went for lunch today to try it out and it was excellent -- highest quality lunch buffet I've had in ages. No idea if its connected to the one on Bloor, but I am definitely going back and hoping it stays consistent.

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      Did you happen to notice if the dinner menu was the same as the other Banjara? I know a lot of Indian places do buffet at lunch but much less often at dinner. (I can't get there for lunch but dinner is definitely do-able...)

    2. Here's another thread asking the same thing, with a reply that it is indeed the same owners, not a franchise:


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        It looks like this thread started 2 days before the other which I responded to. I've never eaten at Banjara, but was curious about the new location since it's not far from my wife's work. I called the other location to find out if this new location was a franchise and they said it's owned by them. Of course I assumed there has to be some connection, nobody is going to name a new place after an exisiting restaurant if they aren't connected or they'll be having to change the name in a hurry.

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          Sorry about starting a second thread...I searched, but didn't notice this one in the search results, for some reason.

        2. Is it buffet only or is there an a la carte menu?

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            It is a la carte in the evening.

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              Do you know if the menu was the same as the other location?

          2. does anyone have the exact address? is it mt pleasant and eglington? i tried googling it to no avail.

            love banjara on bloor, but it's quite the drive. i'm hoping that this banjara will be just as tasty

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              It's where Bombay Bhel used to be, just over a block west of Mt. Pleasant, on the north side of Eglinton.

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                I recently ate at Banjara on Bloor for the first time. Is this supposed to be a good restaurant? Our meal was OK but the "tandoori cauliflower" was a complete joke. Almost raw cauliflower covered in red food colouring with no flavour to speak of. Ugh.
                Shrimp dish was good, but the dhal was bland and the bread undercooked. I would never go back.