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Oct 11, 2009 05:32 PM

The good and the bad at Berkeley's Great China...

Hello SFBA CH community...

We have a dinner reservation at Great China in Berkeley... And since they seem to require a minimum of $15 per person...

I'd/we'd like some suggestions, or warnings, on what's good... And what to avoid... At this fine dining establishment...

Thank you for your input... :)

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  1. Don't miss the double skin. The shredded pork w/ dried tofu is nice. The wine specials list has some real deals. The Navarro white table wine at $16 is more than fair, and good with the food. There's also a sub $20 Bordeaux that is nearing the end of viability, but very nice and a great bargain.

      1. Try Peking duck, double skin, seafood ravioli/dumplings and pea shoots (ask for the pea shoots if they are in season but not on the menu), The lunch deals have gone up in price but are still a good deal, with large portions. I don''t know whether a minimum is a new policy or whether it is enforced; I think we've eaten there for less & not been questioned.

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          Noted on the last page of the PDF of their menu located at their on-line site:

          'Reservations for parties of 6 or more are taken depending on availability, and may be cancelled if you are more than 10 minutes late. Reservations are subject to a $15 per person minimum.'

          Probably not strictly enforced... As long as you get close enough to their 'target'... ;)

        2. My wife loves the Peking duck - they crisp the skin and take all the meat off the bones. Their walnut prawns are fabulous - no mayo sauce here. My wife also likes their various mu shus. There was a fried gloppy tofu dish that we weren't fond of - sorry don't remember what it was called. Enjoy!

          1. The other dish I like there that I haven't seen other places is the sauteed crab served with steamed buns. And of course, you should ask about what specials they have.