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Oct 11, 2009 05:19 PM

Help choosing AYCE Sushi (Las Vegas)

Making my annual trip to Las Vegas this week. Always try to make it to at least one AYCE sush place while I am there. First I went to Koto (now closed), then it was Sushi Hana (also appears to be closed at least when I call the phone #). So I have been reading the reviews and wonder if anyone has any advice on selecting a new place.

I have narrowed my choices to:
1) Sushi Mon
2) Island Sushi
3) Yama Sushi
4) Oyshi Sushi

I eat mostly nigiri (other than a Spider Roll or 2). My top priority is Ikura on the AYCE menu- I know some places don't always include this on the AYCE. A huge bonus would be the ability to order Soft shell crab ( or to a lesser extent fried oysters) appetizer on the AYCE menu (Sushi Hana had soft shell crab). Being able to choose hand rolls (salmon, tuna, yellowtail, etc) is a plus. Other than that, just looking for the usual freshness, fish/rice ratio, AYCE selection, atmosphere, service.

Anyone have any specific recommendation given the above 4 restaurants? They all seem to get decent reviews. Any guidance narrowing down is appreciated!

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  1. Haven't been to Sushi Mon or Island Sushi yet so hopefully others can help there.

    The hand rolls at Oyshi are not a strong point. They don't toast the nori so they come out very chewy.

    The hand rolls at Sushi Yama are excellent. I will also vouch for the quality of the nigiri and the fish/rice ratio. I have noticed that occasionally the rice is not as sticky as it ough to be but that is not the norm. The amosphere is pleasant and the servers are very friendly. They do have some hot items on the AYCE menu--I recall ordering mussels once--but I'm not sure if they have crab or oysters.

    Oyshi is not bad, but I think Yama Sushi is significantly better.