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Oct 11, 2009 05:00 PM

Hamburger- Asheville

I searched Boards and could not find any topics on the best hamburger in Asheville
Any rec's on where to find the best in a restaurant?

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  1. Stone Ridge Tavern on Brevard Rd. Normally I wouldn't recommend this restaurant for ANYTHING else but I have to admit; they have great burgers. One of the few places you can get them cooked medium rare as well.
    Universal Joint in West Asheville has decent burgers, but nothing extraordinary.
    I am looking forward to seeing where other folks have had good burgers in Asheville. I have been in this area most of my life and still have not found a truly exceptional burger, but it must be out there somewhere.

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      Sunny Point and Stoney Knobb. Old school burger Tastee Diner.

    2. I really like the "Meister" at Burgermeisters best in Asheville. Their homemade mayo and the potato wedges (with sweet potatoes) are really good.

      I see they now have "wild burgers", elk, venison and bison. Sounds worth a try!

      I haven't been as happy with their other burger offerings.

      The now closed Depot, in Biltmore Village used to have a very good burger...

      1. Table has an excellent burger, so does 131 Main.

        1. "Plain Jane" burger with all the fixin's at Burgermeister's is my favorite. (Great fried pickles there, too.)

          1. I guess I am in the minority here. I have dined at Burgermeisters off and on since their inception (mainly due to it being a popular meeting spot) and I just don't get it. $9.00 for a well done burger (no choice in that matter) that is 70% bun? Sure they have marinated onions and tomatoes, but they need them because the patties are well done. I simply do not understand the attraction, but it seems to work for others.
            Maybe I'm still upset by the fact that the last time I ate there, I ordered the fish and chips. It was $9.00 for ONE piece of fish on top of soggy fries + $2.00 for a coke. Almost $14 after tax and tip!!! Sorry for the rant. I really love the feel of the Burgermeisters and I WANT to love their food. I will note that the El Diablo wings there are quite good!

            Jeff C. If you are fan of fried pickles and you find yourself in Charlotte, try The Penguin in Plaza Midwood. Best fried pickles I have ever had!

            I am looking forward to trying the burgers at Sunny Point and Stoney Knob! Oh and Table!! I never thought to try a burger there!