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Oct 11, 2009 04:24 PM

Mario Batali's Quail - a question

Had dinner at B&B in Vegas, and have never had Quail, so I ordered it. There was either intentionally or accidentally, liver inside the quail, and the strong taste ruined the flavor of the poultry. Anyone else ordered quail at any of his restaurants? The Waiter made a weird face when I asked about it. She obviously did not know.

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  1. Was it definitely liver or just a 'livery' taste? I've had quail at Babbo and found them to have a strong flavor, almost earthy and a bit gamy but sometimes quail has that type of flavor. Squab can be the same way. How was the rest of your meal?

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      The rest was fine. I only tasted the liver flavor, and texture in the middle portions. I am calling them to find out if they have and thoughts on this. Thanks.