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Oct 11, 2009 04:23 PM

Lunch and Dinner Spot Near Bradley Airport - Windsor Locks CT

I'll be arriving at Bradley around 11:30 on a Saturday and headed toward the Berkshires. Are there any great local type spots to have lunch near the airport. I'd prefer to be headed either north or in direction of Berkshires.

Then, after a week in New England, I'll be headed back to the airport and will be spending one night before early morning flight. Any thoughts about a good dinner, again in a local type spot?


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  1. There is a nice place located in Broad Brook, which is across the Ct. river. and just off of Rt.91 which I presume you are headed for to drive north. Its called Maine Fish Market.( You should be able to map directions to there from the airport. Also There is a place called Sky LIne Rest. located to the right on Rt.75 as you leave the main entrance and exit to the airport. Only about a 1/4 mile. on Right. I would recomend the Main seafood restaurant as first choice. Also there is a Cracker Barrel Restaurant just off of Rt. 91 .which is also in Brood Brook. Hope this helps you a little. Earle Ct,

    1. Jonathan Pasco's Restaurant, (for dinner and Sunday brunch only)- 7 miles from the terminal or Maine Fish Market Restaurant- 4.6 miles.

      A small, "local" spot is Sarape's, Mexican food about 5 miles north on 91. This is authentic Mexican (some of the best in CT), though not a very fancy place.

      1. Maine Fish Market in the Warehouse Point section of East Windsor is okay, but not really outstanding. It would probably do fine for lunch. If you like upscale Italian, you might find Tosca, on Bridge St. in Suffield, of interest for dinner. It's north of Bradley, about a ten minute drive from the airport if you head north on Rt 75. I suggest reservations, since it's a fairly small place. You can check them out here:

        1. Thanks for these suggestions! I thought I might come up empty but these look like some great places. I'm especially intrigued by Sarape's - a search reveals some earlier Chowhound posts plus many other very favorable reviews. I'm ready to eat!

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            You may have noticed that I ate at its sister ship in Hartford. As a Texan who has eaten a lot of Mexican-centric food across the Southwest, I thought it was muy delicisioso! They should have beer and a very limited selection of wine. The Hartford location was clean and full of Hispanics; a good sign! They treated us Gringos well.

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              Ate at the Enfield location today for lunch -- terrific, authentic and friendly (not fancy)!

            2. Original poster here. Your suggestions paid off for us. We ate at Maine Fish Market for lunch on day of arrival. It was good and certainly met our needs.

              We had dinner at Sarapes the night before leaving New England. It was wonderful! Thanks for the recommendation for such a great local spot.