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Oct 11, 2009 04:09 PM

Chiang Mai Cooking Classes

My husband and I will be in Chiang Mai for about 4 days, and want to take a full day Thai cooking class. Ideally, we'd like one that includes the market visit, and can accomodate vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

Any suggestions? Favorites?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Open to one in Bangkok? There's a really good half day one there with market visit.


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    1. re: pcypert

      We have so much else going on in Bangkok that I thought it would be good to do in Chiang Mail, but I'll take the rec!

      1. re: PetiteSyrah

        I had a good experience at the Blue Elephant Cooking School in Bangkok. It's not the most "rustic" but from 8 am - lunchtime you'll do a market tour, cook 4 dishes, and have a Thai feast at the end.

        1. re: PetiteSyrah

          There are 5 or 6 cooking schools in CM. From everything I've heard, they're all similar. They all do 6 or 7 dishes, veg and non-veg, in their full day class. Most also offer a shorter evening class. They all offer a morning at the Somphet market as an option. It's the most touristy of CM's many markets but still worthwhile.
          If you have 4 days in CM and are not doing a 3 day hill tribe trek, a full day cooking class is definitely the way to go.