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Arancini-Fried Rice Balls

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Does anyone know where to get quality Arancini, preferably for take out? I was thinking of checking out Talluto's or Claudio's but am not sure they make them.
They were very popular growing up in Northern NJ but i cant seem to find them anywhere down here.
Thank you in advance-

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  1. You can find them at Taste Of Italy in Springhouse, PA. They are made in-house from a recipe passed down from a grandmother of one of the owners.

    1. I think Le Virtu on E. Passyunk has these on the menu, but that is for a nice sit-down dinner, not a deli take out kind of thing.

      Try calling Dad's Stuffing in South Philly (Ritner near 15th St -- (215) 334-1934). That is the best pre-made Italian take-out spot I know of in the city.

      I don't think Cladio's has them, but it's worth checking and there is a good chance the guys there will know where to get them if you ask.

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      1. Rustica on North 2nd has them...they're right behind Standard Tap.


        1. Paradiso has them on the menu from time to time as well.

          1. Try DiBruno's. I know the Center City location has them, and while I haven't been to the S. Philly one in a while, it also had arancini the last time I was there.

            1. Talluto's makes lovely arancini but does not always have them!

              1. Stella has okay ones, not for takeout. They're good but $7 for three small (golf ball size).

                My last Trader Joes email mentioned they have frozen bags of them. Maybe not what you're looking for but would do in a pinch.

                Nothing like the ones you could get on the street in Siracusa. Baseball sized crispy crusted creamy pea and prosciutto studded deliciousness for a euro.

                1. I was at a fundraiser a few weeks ago and Joe Scarpone, formerly of Sovalo, prepared the best arancini i've had outside of Italy. His new restaurant in Manayunk is opening up soon, one can only hope that they will be on the menu.