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Oct 11, 2009 03:43 PM

Arancini-Fried Rice Balls

Does anyone know where to get quality Arancini, preferably for take out? I was thinking of checking out Talluto's or Claudio's but am not sure they make them.
They were very popular growing up in Northern NJ but i cant seem to find them anywhere down here.
Thank you in advance-

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  1. You can find them at Taste Of Italy in Springhouse, PA. They are made in-house from a recipe passed down from a grandmother of one of the owners.

    1. I think Le Virtu on E. Passyunk has these on the menu, but that is for a nice sit-down dinner, not a deli take out kind of thing.

      Try calling Dad's Stuffing in South Philly (Ritner near 15th St -- (215) 334-1934). That is the best pre-made Italian take-out spot I know of in the city.

      I don't think Cladio's has them, but it's worth checking and there is a good chance the guys there will know where to get them if you ask.

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      1. Rustica on North 2nd has them...they're right behind Standard Tap.

        1. Paradiso has them on the menu from time to time as well.

          1. Try DiBruno's. I know the Center City location has them, and while I haven't been to the S. Philly one in a while, it also had arancini the last time I was there.