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NORWICH CONN - PLaces to eat?

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I hate to ask - but since I do not know the area - would appreciate ideas - - -will be up there next week & woudl love to know where any good lunch places are !

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  1. In downtown Norwich, try the Wauregan Deli - great sandwiches etc. for lunch. They also have breakfast which isn't too shabby.
    La Stella pizza is awesome - NY style pizza. Try their clam chowder (really - it's the best in the area).
    If you're going to be around for dinner, there are other places further out that you could travel to...

    1. 15 minutes by car outside of Norwich is Foxwood's Resort & Casino. There are plenty of dining options there, including one of the only buffet-style dining rooms I'll eat in.

      There's a Cracker Barrel restaurant on the road that leads to 395 from downtown Norwich. I can't vouch for their lunch, but we've had some downright memorable breakfasts there (biscuits, sausage gravy, eggs; superb coffee).

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        Woo, this is a tough one. I lived and went to high school in Norwich, it's kinda like a culinary backwater.
        Cracker Barrel is awesome for bisquits and sausage gravy. Norwich Inn? (maybe just a spa now) Mohegan Sun? Foxwoods? Can you travel outside of Norwich? I hope kattyeyes (great and knowledgeable poster) weighs in here, she's not from this part of CT but she is good with research and recom.
        Check out the Norwich website. I know there's a few good bar and grill, pub type places, if you're into that. Otherwise, you're just screwed.
        There are wonderful restaurants closer to the Ct coast and further up into the hills of Eastern CT.
        Just not in Norwich. Sorry. Check out Norwichtown, the old colonial area, beautiful houses. Benedict Arnold lived there.

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          Hmm that is what I was afraid of - I am from the shoreline area and never really have had a need to get up to Norwich much - I do remember some place called the Old Tyme - I will have to check to see if is still there - someone took me there years ago because they had biscuits and gravy and wanted to surprise me ! -= sort of looked like an odd version of a log cabin if I recollect correctly.......

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            Check out the Norwich website, Old Tyme apparently survives. I saw a review on FN not that long ago. I was amazed because it was NORWICH.
            You know, it's a pretty part of CT, if you don't eat well at least enjoy the view.
            All I remember from Norwich is the Mcdonald's on West Town Street circa 1969, my first experience with a Big Mac, bad pizza and the Chinese restaurant my parents took me to when I graduated from high school, now the site of Mohegan Sun. Like I said, a culinary backwater.

      2. There used to be a place called Olympia Pizza, on west town st. right across the intersection from Old Tymes, It was always very good. Pizza and different kind of Italian dishes. There used to also be a place called The Scantic River Inn. located over by Dodd stadium. that was very good. You could do a google search to see if they are both still in business. With the economy changing so fast they could have closed..Good luck..Earle

        1. I need to correct my post above. I called "Old Tymes" "Cracker Barrel." There *is* no cracker barrel. The restaurant's called Old Tymes.

          1. Old Tymes is a DUMP!
            Seriously, A DUMP!
            A grinder from Vocatura's is probably one of the
            best Norwich only dishes there is.

            1. Well, the easy answer is to go to the casinos...depending on where you'll be in Norwich, Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods are both right on the outskirts of town. Old Tymes is great for comfort food...the building itself is a little "rustic", but I've never had a bad experience there, and I've been going for breakfast at least once a month for the past few years. Olympic Pizza is still open, but I haven't eaten there in years. The Yantic River Inn has been closed for a while, but Illiano's (which is basically across the street) has excellent Italian food. Vincenzo is an absolute sweetheart. Modesto's (which is technically in Franklin even though it's about a half-mile up the road) is a little higher-end Italian, and also delicious. Pagoda (also in Norwichtown) has decent Chinese food...Mr. Pan's is better, but it kind of in the boonies. Mahzu is one of the better sushi places in the area. I'll be the first to admit, there's a lot of mass-produced dreck in Norwich, but there are a few highlights if you know where to look.

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                Not really helpful since their closed, but I remember the Yantic River Inn for their massive fisherman's platter.

              2. Thanks all for the heads up - - I had low expectations - but someone had recently mentioned that the area has had a huge asian influx - so I was hoping for at least some good asian spots....well - since I will be in and out of that area for awhile on business - I will let you know what I come across over the coming weeks........wish me luck! LOL

                1. Kensington's, at The Inn at Norwich, is supposed to be very good. I have never been, but have read many nice reviews.

                  1. This is kinda sad - I also lived and went to high school in Norwich (class of 82) and there was not much growing up there, and apparently it hasn't gotten any better.

                    I think the best suggestion was the one about going to the casinos. Such a shame, because the harbor area of Norwich is really beautiful.

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                      Indeed, the harbor area is lovely. And there's a great restaurant at the yacht club. The problem is that the place is, basically, equipped for summer service (it's not insulated and actually is meant to be semi-windowless). It's been a couple of years since we've eaten there, but I do recall a scallop dish with braised endive in a cream sauce that was so good, we ordered another once we finished the first.

                    2. About 20 mins out of Norwich, in a town called Lisbon, is a wonderful winery & cafe called Heritage Trail. Too rushed to go into details right now, but a board search will turn up tons of good reviews. I highly recommend it.


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                        You know I totally second that, Jane (hi!)...I only didn't mention it sooner because if the OP is in Norwich on business, I thought HT might be too far afield...but I can't think of a place in that area I would rather have lunch than with Chef Harry and his wife Laurie at Heritage Trail. Only issue, you won't want to go back to Norwich and finish up the day. HA HA!

                        Link to Jane's original review here:

                        We are overdue for a return trip. It's been awhile and we miss it! Thanks again, Miss Jane.