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Oct 11, 2009 03:09 PM

White Shallot?

Has anyone tried this French/Vietnamese place, on Stevens Creek near Santana Row and Valley Fair?

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  1. I've been there a couple times, and have enjoyed it. I went once with just my spousal unit, and another with a large group -- the waiters were able to accommodate and serve us well.

    Keep in mind that the menu is not fusion, but instead offers both traditional French and Vietnamese dishes. I've tended towards getting the latter, but might try the French dishes in a future visit. Examples of yummy dishes ordered: Hanoi shrimp cake (banh tom chien), banh xeo, and roasted Cornish hen with 5-spice (ga ro ti).

    For dessert, I did try the French dishes: crepes Suzette and passionfruit (iirc) creme brulee. Both were tasty -- they even lit the liquor at the table side.

    The only thing I didn't really like was the soda limeade (soda chanh), which had way too much sugar. Maybe next time I'll see if they could give me sugar on the side to add myself. On the other hand, the Vietnamese iced coffee was good, although took what seemed 20 min to get through the filter (impatient thirst on my part, perhaps!).


    1. I literally just tried it with some friends this past Friday night. The location is a bit awkward, strangely set as a storefront in a strip mall adjacent to BevMo. There are two "sides" to the menu, French and Vietnamese. It is not French-Vietnamese fusion food. There were some hits and some misses. First off, let me mention that they appeared to be a bit understaffed for a Friday night, so service was a little slow, although I actually felt bad for our server, who was trying to move as fast as possible. With regards to food, there were some hits and some relative misses. The French onion soup was just OK, a little on the salty side. The Vietnamese crab and asparagus soup was pretty good, not the best I've had, but something I would definitely order again. The French beet salad was quite tasty (may have been a special?), although the Vietnamese beef and green papaya salad was just OK. The mussels appetizer was pretty mediocre, although the escargot, and I didn't expect this, was actually quite good, the best thing I ate all night, I think. The salad with pork rillettes was actually a surprising find on the menu and not bad. They were unfortunately out of the Vietnamese sea bass, which was one thing that I really wanted to try on the menu. The braised short ribs were OK, with the meat consistency a little uneven and a little too heavy on the red wine taste. The shaking beef was actually quite tasty, certainly not the best that I've had, but still pretty good. The lemongrass chicken, I'm told, was pretty good. The desserts were average at best. The crepes suzette was a little too heavy handed on the liquer, with not enough orange infused tang. The coconut jelly was served in the coconut and was just OK. The profiteroles, I'm told, were not bad. All in all, I'd go again. For the money (good prices), it was a pretty decent meal.