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Oct 11, 2009 02:12 PM

Gruyere substitute?

I have a mac and cheese recipe that calls for 2 c. gruyere. I don't have many great cheese purveyors where I live and the only gruyere my store carries is $19.99/lb. I really didn't want to spend $10 on the cheese alone for this dish. Can I substitute Jarlesburg or another Swiss-type cheese here? Any thoughts about a lower priced, similar tasting and behaving cheese to the gruyere?


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  1. Emmenthaler would be my first choice, but Jarlsberg (or any domestic Swiss) will also be fine.

    1. Some restaurants try to substitute Havarti for Gruyere on their onion soup. It melts very nicely but does not have the oakey flavor of gruyere. Plus it is much cheaper. BTW - $20/lb is $5 to $10 less than here for a good gruyere, costco has some for $15/lb.

      1. For mac 'n cheese -- if you want a cheese similar to gruyere -- Jarlsberg is fine. I use Jarlsberg a lot (but make my mac 'n cheese with cheddar and colby cheese).

        1. Costco sells Comte (a type of Gruyere) for about $10/lb.