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Where would you send your parents for fine dining in/around Detroit?

I'd like to get my parents a gift certificate to someplace special - they don't often treat themselves to a nice evening out. They live in the Mount Clemens area, but if the best stuff is a bit of a drive from that, I think that would be ok. Price unimportant, but I know that my step mother isn't crazy about spicy food.

I'd be grateful for any help you can give me.

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  1. Either of the Michael Mina spots at the MGM are excellent.

    1. Without knowing their palates, adventurnous and personalities, it's a bit of a stretch ...

      The Lark is among the best in the area ... but its a haul from Mt. Clemens and involves
      a bit of local driving. Expensive.

      If they don't mind "Detroit", then consider Coach (with a view) or Roast ... with only a bit
      of city driving.

      Closer to Mt. Clemens is Mr. Paul's Chophouse (for hot, dead cow).

      If they enjoy walking around a "downtown" area before/after a meal, there are several
      good choices in Birmingham (Mitchell's, 220 Merrill, etc).

      > Price is unimportant ...

      Easily said, but *my* parents can never overlook the check, even when dining with a gift
      certificate. I've stopped giving them gift certificates, because it's *always* a matter for
      [cough] discussion (lecture). If you want to aim a tad lower without sacrificing anything
      on the food, while sacrificing a bit on ambviance and service, consider Modern Food &
      Spirits in Keego Harbor.

      1. Thanks so much to both of you. I've eaten at a Michael Mina restaurant and enjoyed it very much - is the MGM a hotel in Detroit?

        And rainsux, I know what you mean ... my father once ordered soup as a shared appetizer (oh the humanity!) but it seems that when someone else is paying he's more willing to gild the lily a bit. I'll look into all of these recommendations. Thanks again.

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          What rainsux calls Coach is officially Coach Insignia. It's on the top of the Renaissance Center. Certainly qualifies as a special-occasion place.


          Second on Roast in Detroit. Excellent serious carnivore food. It is in the Westin Book Cadillac hotel. Main entrance and valet parking are actually on the Michigan Ave. side.


          MGM is the MGM Grand Casino in Detroit. Haven't been there myself, but the restaurants have gotten good reviews.


          Also agree that Birmingham could be a festive place accessible to eastsiders. If they're seafood lovers I've had good luck at Streetside Seafood.


        2. Here are some of my favorites:
          Coach Insignia - Ren Cen Detroit
          Capital Grille - Troy, MI
          McCormick & Schmick's - Troy, MI
          Lelli's (old time favorite) - Auburn Hills
          It's been awhile since I've been to the one in Rochester, but Kruse & Muer is yummy with several locations.

          1. I'd second the Kruse & Muer suggestion and offer one more - Filippa's Wine Barrel in Utica - very traditional but always good.


            1. For superb Nouveau Chinese try Mon Jin Lau at 15 & Stephenson. They've been cutting edge for nearly 20 years now.

              Mon Jin Lau Restaurant
              1515 E Maple Rd, Troy, MI 48083

              1. I very much appreciate all these suggestions. I'm googling them and trying to get ideas about distance and menus. Thanks so much.

                1. clawson steak house - depending on what kind of night out your parents like. prices are moderate ($15-$30 for most entrees). i have been there for lunch several times and the food is good. it's not too far of a drive from the clem.

                  but here is the rub and why it may work for your parents: it is kind of a throwback place with a band and dancing on the weekend. i have a friend who's dad is 70 and likes to go out and have a good time. for him, the clawson steakhouse is his favorite night on the town. if your parents like to do that kind of thing, clawson may be the place for them.

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                    wow, that might be *just* the thing for them, actually. I was looking for something a little fancier than this sounds, but they DO love going out and hearing music. Thank you so much.