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Oct 11, 2009 12:49 PM

Dogwood Tavern in Falls Church -- Anyone Been?

A few months -- maybe a year -- ago Dogwood Tavern opened on Rt. 7 just west of Lee Hwy/Washington St. Looks like a nice place and their website shows a decent menu of Virginia-focused food.

Has anyone been? Interested in your feedback as it is close to us and we hope it might be a good option for regional comfort food.



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  1. That location has had a couple of different restaurants in the last several years. I could tell that the last one was on a downhill slide when the banners outside started hawking beer specials for DJ night, karaoke night, and open mic night. I had lunch there (the pre-Dogwood version) one once which was OK, but not special enough to become a regular. It was a decent bar if you don't mind noise, Bud, and Miller Lite. I suspect that if the Dogwood isn't like that now, they will become like that and close in another 3-4 years. I suspect that the bar crowd eventually settles on Ireland's 4 Provinces across the street.

    But one never knows. Give it a few tries.

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      The owners of Dogwood are the same three guys who own Rhodeside and Ragtime, two successful restaurants in the Courthouse/Rosslyn neighborhoods in Arlington. Before opening Dogwood, they renovated the inside, added a porch with tables and propane heaters out back and reorganized the layout to turn it in to more of a restaurant, and changed the stage location so everyone can see the music.

      As far as beer selection, they have at least 10 beers on tap, including Starr Hill, Flying Dog, Brooklyn Brewery, etc. I'm sure they have Bud and Miller Lite, just like every bar in America, but I don't like those beers so I don't know.

      I would suggest you at least take a look in the window before dismissing it as a feeble attempt that will "close in another 3-4 years".

    2. Rhodeside and Ragtime are pretty good bars with average bar food, so I expect Dogwood would be more of the same.

      1. Ate there today. They claim to be a Virginia-focused restaurant, but I'm not sure what is so "Virginia" about their menu aside from a few dishes with Virginia ham--the rest of the food is standard bar fare.

        You could do worse for bar food I guess....but there was nothing too noteworthy. Regional comfort food? I don't think so. This isnt the type of place with a chef and interesting daily specials and locally sourced ingredients. This is a place with a bunch of line cooks pumping out basic stuff, occasionally with a twist.

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        1. re: CoconutMilk

          If that's the case, stroll across the street to Clare and Don's Beach Shack. Funky and fun, food ok if a bit ooverpriced, but decent beer and people.

          1. re: nickdanger

            last week, we drove by argia's and clare and don's and they were both PACKED! i think people were happy to get out of their houses (finally) after the back to back blizzards.