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Oct 11, 2009 12:32 PM

INEXPENSIVE (!!!) shower location

Looking for a cool, yummy place for a small non-traditional bridal shower. It will be on a Sunday in November. Can be brunch, lunch or dinner. About 15-20 people. Can be in the Valley, Eastside or Westside. Would love if we can do food for under $15/pp. Would love something cool/funky/different, but w/ a small private area. Not Maggiano's (wedding will be there).

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  1. I went to a nice brunch shower at Joe's in Venice. They have a lovely patio. I remember the price being really reasonable, but not sure it hits the $15 cap. You may want to check them out.

    1. Joe's in Venice is going to be above your price point. For under $15 a person, you are likely going to have to go ethnic or casual. I'll leave the ethnic suggestions to others (or you can search this board for your favorite kind of cuisine -- you could do a dim sum brunch, or thai, or any of a variety of other options for $15 a person).

      For casual with a decent party atmosphere and generally good food:

      You could do a shower for brunch on the patio at Cha Cha Cha in Silverlake for $15 per person for food. Price point is higher for dinner, but their brunch is good and affordable.

      Luna Park (on La Brea near Wilshire) is known for their affordability. Brunch and lunch menu items are generally under the $15 price point.

      Edited to add: Just checked the brunch menu at Joe's and while it is over $15 a person, it's not significantly higher. It *would* be a great spot for a shower.

      Another thought on the Westside would be Hal's Bar & Grill in Venice, also for brunch. It's prices are a little lower than Joe's, but still with tip would be more like $20 a person for food depending on what you ordered.

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        I called Joes Restaurant and they said their minumum is $24 a head not including tax and tip FYI

      2. Right by Joe's & Hal's is Primitivo, which has a lovely little patio that you can probably use. It is slightly cheaper than Joe's, IIRC, and had large portions, decent food & wine.

        1. I dont see how you could do this for dinner. I suggest having it at a friends house for lunch and having Eduardos do a tostada bar, Feast from the East salad. To have that many people at a restuarant your tip and tax will take almost 20% of your buget.

          What about a desset shower - only serve cake and cookies etc - at someones house.

          1. We had a baby shower at Le Petit Jardin on Robertson (just so. of PIco). I wonder if that would fit the bill? If I remember, they're not normally open for Sunday brunch/lunch (usu. just dinner on Sun.) but they did so for the shower, and worked with us on pretty much every detail. It was brunch, and I think they did little sandwiches, pasta bowls, fruit salad - nothing fancy but all fresh and attractive. It certainly is a bit funky (flower shop vibe, little patio out front). I'd eat there ASAP, order a few items and talk with the owner. We were really impressed by what they pulled off - it's a really sweet family and might be what you're after.

            Le Petit Jardin
            1456 S Robertson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035, USA